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Storybook Dining at Artist Point Debuts This Winter at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Magic mirror on the wall, what is the fairest character dining of all?

This winter, it will most certainly be the all-new character dining experience opening at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge!

Storybook Dining at Artist Point will invite guests to venture into an Enchanted Forest-like setting inspired by Walt Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” There, you’ll enjoy a delicious meal of fantastic fare with visits from Snow White, Dopey and Grumpy. Delightful music and activities will help bring the classic fairytale to life, and you’ll even have an opportunity for an encounter with The Queen.

The Queen from 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'

This immersive character dinner takes place amidst the rustic elegance and exceptional dining that Artist Point is known for. You’ll enjoy a uniquely themed prix fixe menu, including shared starters, a choice of individual plated entrees and ‘sweet spells’ to finish the meal.

My counterparts from our Food & Beverage team will have more to share soon. Keep checking Disney Parks Blog for additional details as they become available, including menu offerings, an opening date and when you can book reservations, as well as where you might be able to find select fan-favorite Artist Point menu items in the future.

Storybook Dining at Artist Point with Snow White is slated to begin this winter.


  • It is my understanding that Disney did this because Artist Point was not busy, despite the fact that it is a fantastic restaurant. We love it, but come to think of it we haven’t been there in years. I suppose because it is too far out of the way or too obscure. So we are a part of the problem and now that it is going bye-bye we have nobody to blame but ourselves. You can’t blame Disney for wanting to make money off that beautiful space. The characters will do it for them, it does everywhere else. If it doesn’t work then they will probably go back. Whispering Canyon is already busy for dinner. It has to do with the numbers I am sure. I am sad to see it go though, they may regret this decision with the addition of Copper Creek and the Cabins, we will just have to wait and see.

  • So excited about this new dining experience! Have dined at many of Walt Disney World’s Signature Restaurants, so I understand some people’s hesitation about the changes. But honestly, one can experience “fine dining” in many places. These special character experiences are one of the things that bring us back to Walt Disney World year after year. Already have this booked for December 20th. Snow White is my favorite princess and I can hardly wait!

  • According to the updated menu, the current Artist Point fare will be available until 11/10/2018, and the new version with the Snow White Character experience will begin 12/16/2018. Not sure what’s happening in the month in between, likely renovations though.

  • I am making a return visit in 2019. I never ate at Artist Point, but I love the character meals. I can’t wait for my return visit and possibly a return visit to Wilderness Lodge.

  • This sounds amazing!! We’ve never tried Artist Point and can’t wait to do so along with seeing these characters!! What a special way to make more memories!!

  • Would this be a regular character dining or considered 2 table services ?

  • Nice idea, wrong venue. I love the idea of the Snow White dinner but we really loved Artist Point’s unique menu and excellent service. As someone who is married to a Disney tolerant, character meals are out. We will miss you Artist Point!

  • Super excited at the opportunity to dine with the Evil Queen! Awesome venue to highlight the regal affair. My dad is particularly excited at this opportunity to meet THE Queen – the original villain. Thank you, Disney!!!

  • Well, my family is very ecstatic about this. My mom who is in her 70’s is looking forward to her dining experience with the evil queen. Not too many options to dine with the villains. My mom even asked if we could borrow a child so she didn’t stick out like a sore thumb with her excitement. We are arriving January 24th!!!

  • I think this is a really unique and special theme; however, it does not fit in with the surroundings at the Wilderness Lodge. This hotel is designed to resemble the Western United States. In contrast, Snow White is a German fairy tale and does not fit in with this theme. For example, just because Moana spends a lot of time on a boat does not mean that she should be a character featured at the Yachtsman Steakhouse. My family and I are very disappointed to see our favorite Disney restaurant change. It offers such a relaxing atmosphere and high-quality food options. Our greatest wish is for Disney to keep the unparalleled menu that we have come to love. Please keep the food and food quality the same.

  • Lots of folks are really against Story Book dining at Artist Point. Why not have Snow White at breakfast and the traditional Artist Point at dinner? Perhaps that would make everyone happy! I would do both!

  • Any idea when this reservation will be made available? Going Thanksgiving weekend and stalking the reservation page everyday but no luck yet!

  • Not only is Wilderness Lodge a deluxe resort, but the recent Cabins at Copper Creek are arguably the most extravagant DVC accommodations to date and now, it seems, there will be no upscale dining option. All over property, the suits have cottoned-on to the fact that adult-oriented eateries and lounges are in high demand, so this decision is utterly baffling.

  • This breaks my heart. My husband and I always dine here and really appreciated having such a high-caliber dinner spot with a unique menu. Disney has plenty of character encounters – I really hope you’ll revisit this decision. It is a huge loss.

  • Can’t wait!!! Disney let us have more details soon and when we can book!!

  • How exciting!! I hope it starts up by December 1st!!!

  • Now that WL can no longer claim to be a delux resort, will its room rates decrease to that of a moderate?

  • This is a terrible decision. We just celebrated my 50th this summer at Artist Point and it was exceptional! The food has always been top notch and the service exemplary and my birthday was no exception. We had many newbies on this trip and they all commented on how incredible Artist Point was, how they never realized that Walt Disney World had such high caliber dining – something the rest of us Artist Point fans at the table have known for years. It’s a class act all around. For years, I’ve suggested it to everyone who ever asked for dining suggestions. This is a big loss. Snow White dining sounds like fun, just please reconsider this and put it someplace else.

  • I am truly disappointed to hear that Disney has decided to eliminate signature dining at Artist Point. It has been our favorite restaurant for many years where we have celebrated numerous special occasions. I concur, “a true hidden gem”.

    Frankly, Disney set the standard for signature dining experiences at premium resorts and I see no reason to expect less.

    Why can’t we have both?

  • So sad to see something so unique and elegant turned into just another character meal. Why can’t we have nice things?

  • So excited. Snow is my favorite

  • I have to say I am deeply saddened by this news. Artist Point is the place my wife and I spend every anniversary, every valentines day and every birthday since we met. We loved this place because it was a break from the characters that we still love to visit outside of our dinner. It was excellent food with excellent service in a calm and relaxed environment. I really hope this offering is for part of the night and will not effect the menu. From my experience with other character dining locations, the food is always secondary to the characters. In my opinion, the characters belong at Whispering Canyon and not Artist Point.

  • Excited for this! Does anyone know when reservations can be made? We have a trip planned for February.

  • This is a terrible idea. I could see having a character breakfast or brunch there to make better use of the space, and perhaps to take up some of the slack from the upcoming temporary closing of the Backyard BBQ, but eliminating the signature dining completely is a downgrade to this deluxe resort, IMHO.

  • I am sorry Artist Point will disappoint many who expect a signature dining experience at a deluxe resort. But many people also expect a character dining restaurant as well. When my children were young Artist Point offered a character breakfast with Pocahontas John Smith Meeko and Govener
    Radcliffe . I believe dinner was not affected by this and we had the best of both worlds

  • Can’t wait!

  • Add my wife and I to those expressing disappointment in this. Last April we discovered Artist Point, and loved the restaurant and its atmosphere. It was perfect for our date night. We both love character experiences, but please leave your premium dining experiences intact!

  • I am excited about this!! We really enjoyed the Cinderella dining experience at the Gran Floridian.. I hope this will continue for Spring because we will be there in May!!! 😍

  • I, too, must register my disappointment with this decision. Artist Point is our go-to restaurant for birthdays, our anniversary, or just a special night out. We book dinner there whenever we are in the area. The menu, wine list, ambiance, and outstanding service made it the perfect choice for a reasonably affordable Signature dining experience. Not all of us can afford Victoria & Albert’s on a regular basis (as suggested in these comments). We have enjoyed V&A, many Signature dining restaurants, and even character meals, so we get the need for a variety of dining experiences for families and adults. I simply don’t understand the need for two family-oriented restaurants and no adult dining option in a deluxe resort. I agree with those who suggested having character dining for breakfast and/or lunch and leaving dinner as it is. This will no doubt make the other Signature dining restaurants even more difficult to book for dinner.

  • I am definitely on the disappointed side. Artist Point was a family favorite and my number one recommendation. We went on every trip and had by chance the best server Keith, almost every time. I just hope I can get there one last time before they switch it over.

  • We are coming for Christmas and New Year and are hoping that this new dining will be open for our trip. We are very excited 😊

  • I am extremely excited about this! We are staying at Copper Creek next summer and I absolutely cannot wait to book a meal with my favorite character (Dopey). I think it is a great addition to the resort, especially with the wilderness theme. I’m confused by so many people who are disappointed that children might be there. I realize that Walt Disney World is a place for ALL (including children) so visiting a place that draws children and wishing children were’t there blows my mind. Just because it is Signature doesn’t mean, “no children allowed.” For the people who are disappointed in this, perhaps booking at Victoria & Alberts where there is an age restriction is the way to go. Disney will never please everyone no matter what decision they make. But I am definitely quite pleased!

  • It is Disney and regardless of where on the property a dinning experience, with characters, evolves it is appropriate. The Wilderness backdrop to the Snow White theme is outstanding. Great idea! Another must on the Disney World to do list.

  • I am very firmly on the disappointment side of this discussion. There are few places on property where my husband and I can enjoy a nice dinner together, without being surrounded by excitable children. WDW is a family-oriented place, and that should never change. With that said, it is nice to have areas more geared towards the adult crowd. As a new owner at Copper Creek, I will be disappointed to have to go off property just to have a quiet dinner. Please, Disney – remember the childless adults who like to enjoy a nice but afford quiet meal!

  • To those that say “it’s always half empty”…I am a bit confused. My daughter has eaten there many times and it’s always been packed. Every table full ( last visit, this past April ). I have yet to be able to get a table, as it’s always booked. WL has WCC….why not do it THERE? why mess with a TRUE HIDDEN GEM in WDW dining? This is a sad bit of “news”…very disappointed! Guess it’s another “dining experience” I’ll never be able to have.

  • This place is always at least half empty when we dine. I love it and it’s a special meal, but this is a smart move and the theming is perfect for Snow White. Personally, as long as they don’t take the mushroom bisque off of the pre fixe menu, I’ll gladly dine there with the new characters!

  • Would like to have a visit with Doc!

  • This decision saddens me – I like Snow White, and I don’t mind character dining sometimes, but Snow White does not fit the Pacific Northwest theme Wilderness Lodge is known for. This feels like shoving characters in because of money, not because of cohesive themes.

    It also boggles the mind that Wilderness Lodge will no longer have upscale dining. I enjoy Whispering Canyon and the quickservice options, but if I’m staying or visiting a Deluxe resort I want the option for upscale dining.

    I’m confused at why Snow is being put into WL, and if she is, why not at Whispering Canyon (already a louder more casual place) or at least relegated to breakfast/lunch and leaving the Artist Point we all love alone for dinner.

  • I understand the disappointment some adults have to a beautiful evening at a wonderful restaraunt like Artist Point and I am sure Disney will always provide those options ! I think this is great there needed to be another Charicter Dining option outside of the park some of the others were so hard to get a reservation for ! We can’t wait for our next trip we are going through WDW(Walt Disney Withdrawl )

  • Very saddened by this decision. The Wilderness Lodge is one of the most romantic of the WDW hotels and to leave it without a proper “date night” signature restaurant is deeply puzzling. Not sure how Wilderness Lodge can really be classed as a “deluxe” resort now that it is being stripped of proper signature dining in favour of yet another character meal. No offense to Snow White, but why not have a character breakfast/lunch at Artist Point and retain proper signature dining in the evening? I guess my decision as to whether to stay at the Wilderness Lodge or my other favourite, Animal Kingdom Lodge, will be a lot easier in future (hint: it won’t be the Wilderness Lodge, sadly).

  • it’s a year too late for me as i was there last year and my next trip from australia is not until 2021 but i love the idea and it’s the most suitable place for it.

  • I am so excited for this!! My favorite characters!! I’m looking forward to hearing more details!!

  • This is a highly unfortunate change to create a lower-valued experience for the demographic that kept this dining location popular.

  • This made my day! I love Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, AND especially the Queen. This will be a great addition to the Disney experience. There are so many Signature dining locations to enjoy. Time to explore and perhaps find a new favorite. Bon appétit!

  • What a shame. I loved dining at the artist point , we always ate here our first night and our last nights on property. Great food, quiet atmosphere and my favorite at all of the resorts.

  • I cannot wait. Already emailed the travel agent that if it opens before my mid-December trip we want to go!!!

  • Sounds great! My family will love this! 👍

  • I have been visiting Disney World since 1991 when my wife and I stayed at Dixie Landings, now Port Orleans-Riverside. Now that I’m older, I’ve been staying at the Wilderness Lodge. We tend to visit every other year, which means that we’ve stayed at Disney at least 12 times. When we lived in Tampa for a year, as season pass holders they offered a local dining plan which we enthusiastically used. Most of the time, we visited Artist’s Point for dinner as it has an excellent menu, and a very good dining atmosphere.

    I cannot understand why this is being done. If this is being limited to the first seating between 5 and 6pm, then its not going to be so bad, but if this is scheduled for the entire evening, you will be ruining a very adult dining experience. Whenever we’ve visited, I see couples having a very romantic dinner, families enjoying a quiet time together, and everyone enjoying a very fine dining experience.

    If this is going to be an all night experience, what next, are you going to do the same at Victoria & Albert’s?

    Please let us know if this is only for a certain time in the evening, so I will still have time to adjust my dining plans if I need to.

  • I am so bummed by this decision. Artist Point is one the BEST places to eat on property. Can the character dining be reserved for breakfast and lunch only and leave the fine dining for dinner as is?

  • As a foodie who regularly celebrates her birthday at Artist Point, I cannot begin to express how devastated I am by this. It’s great that there’s a new character experience, but why not make it lunch and breakfast, and leave the Signature dining alone!

    Artist Point was a true hidden gem, and my automatic recommendation for a quiet, romantic gourmet evening What a loss!

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