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Sketches from the Park: France Pavilion at Epcot

Will Gay

by , Design Director, Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group

From time to time I will be sketching from the field or Plein Air as it’s called in the art world, from a new, inspiring location in our Disney Parks. I will share my sketches and experiences here on the blog each time. Today, I continue my Sketches from the park series as I started off around sunrise with a nice view at the France Pavilion in Epcot.

Chefs de France at Epcot

It’s that time of year -The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival! The park was all set up for one of my favorite festivals of the year, so I thought it would be appropriate to do a sketch from France -the mecca of culinary artistry. The light early in the morning had just started to brighten up Chefs de France quite nicely, so I set up my supplies looking down through the tree-lined alley into the restaurant’s entry to begin.

Pen Line Art Sketch of Chefs de France by Disney Artist Wil Gay

After doing a pen line art sketch of Les Chefs that I was happy with, I took out my small travel watercolor kit to start to bring the sketch to life a little more. I added watercolor around the entry way as my focus and let the rest of the drawing just fall off with less color and detail. All in all, it took about an hour to complete my sketch with color, and all while standing at one of the Food and Wine Festival high-top tables. I love being out there early morning in the park and each time I grow a little more as an artist. It’s always great to be able to start the day off with some Plein Air time at Epcot!

Watercolor Sketch by Disney Artist Will Gay

I hope you enjoy the art and keep your eye on the Disney Parks Blog for my next sketch from a new location next time in our Sketches from the park series. Now it’s time for some food myself! See ya next time.