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Ralph and Vanellope Go from Breaking the Internet to Visiting Disney Parks This Fall

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Disney’s all-new animated adventure “Ralph Breaks the Internet” is coming to theaters November 21. To celebrate, Ralph and best friend Vanellope von Schweetz are once again venturing beyond Litwak’s arcade for special appearances in Disney Parks.

Beginning November 9, Disneyland Resort guests will find Ralph and Vanellope in Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure park. They’ll also be heading east to Walt Disney World Resort, where you’ll be able to meet them at Epcot, starting November 21 in Innoventions West. And a new experiment will soon be underway at the Imagination Institute, creating a portal into other dimensions. This winter, that portal opens a window on the internet for Ralph and Venellope to step through for regular encounters with Epcot guests in the ImageWorks area of the Imagination! pavilion.

Who’s ready to see Ralph and Vanellope in Disney Parks and to check out their new movie, “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” this fall?


  • Will ImageWorks retain its interactive music areas or will it all be character meets after the renovation? I know it’s pretty dated, but my son loves hopping around the musical carpet and waving his arms in the instrument motion detectors!

  • Will any of the Marvel characters currently at Hollywood Land in DCA be leaving to make room for Ralph and Vanellope?

  • I hope that they’re still there when I’m at DCA next year.

  • Is the ImageWorks experience also a physical Meet & Greet? And if yes, will R&V be moving over there, or be appearing in both places?

    • Michael – They’ll move to ImageWorks when the new location is completed this winter.

  • Will they be signing autographs or will a pre signed card be handed out similar to the current Olaf meet and greet in Hollywood Studios?

  • Will they still be available to meet at California Adventure early next year? I’m planning a trip for the first week of February and I really hope they’re still there~

    • Alisa and Greg – Character appearances change from time to time, so it’s best to check the information and schedules on or closer to your visit.

  • How long is this expected to last? Is it for a limited time?

  • Yes !!!!!! These are definitely on my character meet n greet bucket list !

  • THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!! I love Vanellope and I am soooooo excited that I can get a picture with her next week.

  • Will this new meet and greet at Epcot impact the other characters that meet there? My kids are looking forward to meeting Baymax!

    • Beatrice – Ralph and Vanellope will be appearing in new locations at Epcot that won’t affect any other characters currently appearing at the park.

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