Rosita Flying into The Tropical Hideaway in Disneyland Park

Michael Ramirez

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

You may have heard about The Tropical Hideaway opening later this year in Disneyland park. This new Adventureland outpost will serve as an exotic marketplace for discovering unique food and beverages. In addition to experiencing delicious tastes from all corners of the world, you’ll also encounter colorful wildlife.

After years of performing with the bird mobile chorus of Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, Rosita is spreading her wings and taking flight towards a solo career. You’ll find her on the river’s edge at the loading dock waiting for her boat to arrive.

Rosita is a friendly cockatoo that looks forward to meeting travelers from around the globe who are also visiting The Tropical Hideaway. Pull up a nearby seat and say hello! But beware… she has a repertoire of jokes and one-liners that would make any Jungle Cruise Skipper proud!

We look forward to sharing more about The Tropical Hideaway on the Disney Parks Blog. Stay tuned!


  • That hat and cane…. do my eyes deceive me or is that a low-key reference to Mr. Jose Carioca?

  • I’m sooooo looking forward to the opening of The Tropical Hideaway. It would be a great DPB meetup location. *hint hint* 😉

  • Rosita is also the dead canary in the Big thunder mountain line at disneyworld.

  • This keeps sounding better and better, but can we get an opening date please?

  • So *that’s* what happened to Rosita!

  • Ahh. The return of the Barker bird concept. Excellent! Look forward to it.

  • I always wondered what happened to Rosita…

  • Oh My Gravy, I am so excited about this! I can tell Jose will be happy to see her, too!

  • Oh literal Disney…

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