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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Soarin’ at Epcot?

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

We’re busy planning our annual family day out at Epcot, which we look forward to every holiday season. This year, we were thrilled to get Fastpasses for Soarin’ Around the World which is one of our favorite attractions at the park.

How well do you know this Future World stop? Put your knowledge to the test below.


  • @ DavidMGP former cast member / trainer
    Please break down your seat count for me.

  • hmmm surprisingly I didn’t do too well, my guess, my family and I need another refresher trip to get it “right” the next time! lol

  • (96 seats) Two of the three rows in each section have eleven seats, the other one has ten, for a total of thirty-two. Multiply that times the three sections for a grand total of ninety-six.

  • The quiz had a few wrong answers to it. Being a former cast member at this attraction. Including being a part of the team for the new construction of the third theater. Also including being a trainer for this attraction I’m pretty much the authority there are 87 seats per flight with a total of 8 flights per hour.

  • There are three rows of nine in each lift, there are four lifts. 108 is the correct answer.

  • I’ve only been on Soarin’ in California and was wondering if it was smaller in Florida, but after reading the other comments here I think maybe the quiz just got it wrong.

  • I don’t think that the number of guests is correct. There’s 9 rows in each theater. 40 divided by nine is 4.444…There are definitely more then 5 seats in each row.

  • Awkward… 😂

  • I agree Shaughn. Each row holds close to 10 people and there are 3 rows and 3 sets of seating, so I’d think it would be around 90. And wouldn’t it have to be divisible by 3 since there are 3 sets of seats? You can not evenly divide 40 by 3.

  • The number of guests is incorrect. Left and right hold 27 and the center section is 33. You just have to count the gliders on the ground. So, 87 at a time.

  • Are they sure it’s only 40 guests at a time? Seems like more!!!

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