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#DisneyFamilia: Take Your Love for Churros Anywhere with These Exclusivos Disney Products!

Sarah Domenech

by , Public Relations Manager

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll understand why this merchandise grita mi nombre when I walk by any of the stores at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Let’s start from the beginning, qué es un churro? It’s a magnífico treat that originated in Spain and also in Mexico made out of fried dough sprinkled with sugar and sweet-smelling cinnamon. If you close your eyes you can almost smell it!

Churros are the ultimate must-have snack when visiting any of the various Disney Parks. Enjoy a churro (or two) in a variety of different flavors or a classic churro with hot chocolate, ice cream or caramel or chocolate dipping sauces! ¿Algo mejor que esto?

Like the old saying goes, “you are what you eat,” well, now you can wear what you eat! Take your love for this delicioso snack everywhere you go with a variety of products we have to pay tribute to the almighty CHURRO!

Which of these products are you getting to show your amor por churros? Tell us in the comments or share a cute picture on our social media channels using #DisneyChurro.


  • When I visit either Disneyland or Walt Disney World I always love getting and eating churros. Now I can get some merchandise to show just how much I love them. Can’t wait till my next visit!

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