Duffy’s friend to visit Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa

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When you visit Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa, the first thing you want to do when you return is tell all of your friends and family how amazing it is and share the aloha spirit!

Mickey and Duffy did this recently as well and one of Duffy’s friends was all ears! Stay tuned to see who is coming with Mickey and Duffy for a visit to Hawai‘i. I bet ‘Olu is going to serenade his new friend with his ‘ukulele!


  • ‘Olu and Stella Lou together?! Why aren’t they coming to the U.S. mainland?

  • Hope he’s available this time at Aulani in May!!

  • Please bring Duffy and friends back to the parks! We miss him!!

  • I think Stella Lou would fit in perfectly at the Magic Kingdom since she’s the same color as the purple wall! Why aren’t they going to sell her and ‘Olu on the ShopDisney app at least?!

  • Please make Duffy and Friends merch buyable online through shopDisney or Parks app again! It makes me so sad they aren’t in Florida parks anymore. I’m lucky enough to have visited Shanghai on a work trip and grabbed a Stella Lou and a ton of Duffy and Shellie may merch. But Olu was not in stock while at Aulani, and it is so expensive to buy off eBay from the Asia parks.

  • It makes me sad that Duffy and Shelliemay are no longer at WDW stores. I’m even more sad Duffy loss his meet and greet. Please bring him back with all his friends to a meet and greet. I can’t travel internationally to see him.

  • I am so excited to see that Stella Lou is coming to Aulani. I hope this means that Disney is considering once again selling Duffy and his Friends in the US Parks or on the Disney Store website as the decision to discontinue the sale of these fun furry Disney friends has made it very hard to share the joy of “Mickey’s Bear” with little Disney fans. I recently had to reach out to a friend that was visiting Disneyland Paris to acquire Duffy for my newest nephew as I feel all little Disney fans need to enjoy their “First Disney Bear.” It would be nice to see Duffy, Shellie May, and Gelatoni available for purchase in the Continental United States again, even if it was just on the Disney Store website.

  • I’m so sad they seem to be phasing out Duffy and ShellieMay on the mainland and Shop Disney.

  • I would so love to buy Olu to go along with Gelatoni, Duffy and Shellie Mae that I have already bought. Is he or the other friends ever going to be available for purchase on the shop disnsey app. It’s not in the cards to be able to travel to the other locations for me.

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