‘Mickey’s PhilharMagic’ Now Open at Disney California Adventure Park

Michael Ramirez

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

The 3D movie musical “Mickey’s PhilharMagic” premieres today in Disney California Adventure park! Head to Hollywood Land to see the spectacular magic of Disney animation and music jump to life on the screen and walls of the Sunset Showcase Theater.

Guests in 3D glasses pose at “Mickey’s PhilharMagic” at Disney California Adventure park

You’ll enjoy watching Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other favorite Disney characters come to life! As Donald prepares the orchestra for Mickey, he comes across the conductor’s baton and Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat. A little magic goes a long way and proceedings go awry! Donald is unexpectedly plunged into a high-definition 3D dream world and you’re taken along for the ride.

‘Mickey’s PhilharMagic’ artist concept with Aladdin, Jasmine and Donald Duck

Be prepared as you get swept into the fantastic world of classic Disney animated musical sequences, including “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Peter Pan” and “Aladdin.”

“Mickey’s PhilharMagic” debuts during Get Your Ears On – A Mickey and Minnie Celebration at the Disneyland Resort! There is still time to join the festivities as we celebrate 90 years of magic with the “Mickey’s Mix Magic” nighttime projection show and “Mickey’s Soundsational Parade,” as well as limited-time décor, specialty foods, merchandise and more!


  • This was my favorite experience at Disneyland Paris, and now I’m happy I get to catch the English version of the show at California Adventure. Great move, Disney!

  • Got to catch the new show at DCA last night and was very impressed! Thought it was on par with WDW’s version, though I haven’t seen WDW’s version in a few years. Still miss the Muppets! The balconies where the hecklers sit is still there and I was waiting for them to appear during the show in some twist. Hopefully the Muppets will find their way back to the DLR resort in the near future in some capacity. Thank you for bringing PhilharMagic to DLR!

  • This is so hilarious and entertaining, an absolute must-see. Donald just cracks me up, and it has so many major hits from the Disney pantheon. So glad to see it made its way from WDW to DLR!

  • Well – this explains why the Aladdin preview is being shown in the Great Moment with Mr Lincoln theater…

  • Have always loved the attraction at WDW but do hope that the 3D tech is improved. The WDW version does seem a bit fuzzy and always has been that way. Either way we’ll STILL love it!!

  • I have seen dozens of times at Tokyo Disneyland!! I love it!

  • My family and I are so excited this finally has come to Disneyland Resort! We saw it at WDW in October and loved it! Donald Duck is my favorite, so anything that features him is alright with me. 😁

  • I’m very excited to see this attraction. I’ve seen it at WDW, but Disneyland is so much better and makes everything better! I was disappointed the first time I saw it at WDW because the show is more about Donald than Mickey, and while I love Donald, Mickey is my favorite. Also, the last time I saw the show at WDW, the screen was not clear. Not sure if it was the film or the screen, but I’m sure the show will be crystal clear at Disneyland.

  • We saw it in 2015 at MK in WDW and, unfortunately, it gave both hubby and I a headache. We thought it was way too loud. If they toned it down from WDW, then we might see it again.

  • Nice to see something other than movie previews in the Sunset Showcase Theater again.

    With Muppet-Vision 3D gone from DCA, I hope they’ll eventually bring the Muppets back to the Disneyland Resort in a new attraction in the very near future.

  • It’s Donald’s show and “they” won’t put his name in the title. Poor duck. He always gets a raw deal. 😉🦆

  • Love this attraction at WDW in Florida. I really hope they update it to a more modern 3d Projection system at some point as it can appear a bit fuzzy at certain points. But, even so, its a must do on our list.

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