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Updated ‘Rivers of Light: We Are One’ Show Debuts This Summer at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Since its introduction more than two years ago, “Rivers of Light” has enchanted Disney’s Animal Kingdom guests with a nighttime pageant of beautifully illuminated lantern floats, grand theatrical imagery, a soaring musical score and innovative special effects. This summer, the next chapter of this spectacle will unfold with the debut of an updated version of the show, entitled “Rivers of Light: We Are One.”

“Rivers of Light: We Are One” introduces additional, stunning imagery and familiar animal characters from Disneynature films, along with a colorful tapestry of classic moments from Disney animation, to express our connection with animals and the emotions and milestones we all share in our journey through the great circle of life.

The music of “Rivers of Light: We Are One” weaves together the original musical score and familiar Disney themes to create a powerful arrangement that inspires and carries us through moments of discovery, fun, friendship, fear, love and family.

“Rivers of Light: We Are One” comes to the Discovery River Amphitheater at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, beginning Memorial Day Weekend 2019.


  • How upsetting. I’m heartbroken that my family’s favorite nighttime show at WDW will be infested because of a few bad reviews from people who don’t understand abstract art. The point of RoL and why we liked it so much is bc of the originality, uniqueness, and theme (abstract, animal and human connections)… now it’ll be taken away and will become another Disney character-fied show. Truly heartbreaking.

  • Along with the character-based replacement for IllumiNations, can you just advertise the shows based on the number of characters per minute?

  • This is my favourite most beloved show in WDW, and one of the most original. I’m sad that it’s being changed if i’m honest. I really hope the changes are light and the show keeps it’s breathtaking and unique atmosphere.

  • Will the shamans return as part of this updated version?

  • Wow that’s awesome, so this show of Rivers of Light we are one, not only had disneynature films but also disney animated films as well, i can wait to see it amazing show because the finale of the show always had me a tear in a eye because of the score

  • This is truly heartbreaking. Rivers of Light was one of my favorite things at WDW and now it will just be another nighttime show with clips of Disney movies. What happened to originality? ROL may still remain, but it will no longer be the amazing show it once was.

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