Behind the Scenes of ‘Tale of the Lion King,’ Coming June 7 to Disney California Adventure Park

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

This summer, Disney California Adventure park celebrates the beloved characters and music of Disney’s “The Lion King” with an imaginative new adaptation of this timeless story, presented as a highly-theatrical outdoor musical production entitled, “Tale of the Lion King.” The show features a cast of 18 performers who form an ensemble called the Storytellers of the Pride Lands. This traveling troupe specializes in retelling revered stories in their own contemporary style, weaving their tale through language, song and dance.

Creative Director Susana Tubert and the team at Disney Parks Live Entertainment are in the midst of a series of workshops and rehearsals with the cast in preparation for the opening of “Tale of the Lion King” later this summer.

In this imaginative story-theatre production, the scenic, prop and costume designs celebrate the spirit of Africa. All-new musical arrangements have been written for the most treasured songs from “The Lion King,” creating a score for the show with elements we associate with the emotional sweep of the original compositions, yet focused on the vocal performances of the actors and music from the drummers to drive a unique percussive sound.

“Tale of the Lion King” graces the Palisades Stage at Disney California Adventure park for a limited time this summer, starting June 7.


  • We just got back from Disneyland and this show blew my socks off. I am wondering who portrayed the guide and who portrayed Simba. Their voices were amazing (especially the guide’s) and it gave me goosebumps. I highly recommend watching the last showing when the sun is setting over Pixar pier. These guys are so talented and I love the lion king so this was huge for me. The actors were much much better than those of the Frozen cast and had much better vocals!

  • This looks amazing,can’t wait to see it. I wish they would do this instead of Frozen at the Theater, or Beauty and the Beast. Can’t understand why they promote Frozen so much, it’s not as spectacular as they keep promoting. They havent done this to any other movie.

  • Hello, The Lion King isn’t listed on the schedule for June 7th? Any delays?

  • How long is a limited time? My AP will be blocked out till September.

  • I can’t wait; I wish they would do something like this at the Hyperion Theater instead of Frozen.

  • Wow, this looks great. Can’t help but draw parallels to this and the Festival of the Lion King in WDW’s Animal Kingdom– which means I have very high hopes for this show! What a great-looking spectacle for one of the very greats in Disney’s animation pantheon, the Lion King.

  • Will Timon and rafiki have meet and greets during this celebration? 🙏😣🙏😣

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