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#DisneyParksLIVE: Watch The Replay of the Dedication Ceremony of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Resort Now

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Our #DisneyParksLIVE stream sponsored by AT&T covering the dedication ceremony of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has concluded – but the good news is that you can watch the replay of the entire celebration right now!

And don’t forget to keep checking our special Star Wars at Disney Parks page for future Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge updates.   


  • I didn’t get to watch it live. Harrison Ford acknowledging Peter Mayhew [the man who made me want to “kiss a Wookiee”] was a special touch. Looking forward to visiting Galaxy’s Edge!

  • In a dark theater called the Cineramadome in late 1976 my late mom, brother and myself looked up at the movie screen and were immediately mesmerized by the music and the ominous scope of this black outer space image freckled with stars while hearing John Williams uplifting and powerful Star Wars music score while we read the background story in sentences being propelled through this outer space environment which read, “In a distant galaxy far far away..” we immediately knew this was something new, and very special. For us it was more than spectacular it was an entire visual and unique movie experience.
    From that day forward we were hooked and couldn’t wait for the next movie. Now almost 43 years late, we still look forward to seeing the next episode. Now, with our families, we can experience being inside this world of this remarkable movie franchise at Disneyland. Who could have imagined that the “Galaxy’s Edge” a world we are familiar with on screen would become a wonderful interactive attraction at Disneyland! Thank you for making the galaxy not so distant anymore for all of us to share and enjoy! Batuu, here we come…! ✨

  • Just watched it in bed, can not wait to see it for our self at walt disney world florida, it looks amazing, husband and I and sons are star wars fans, been all our lifes well done disney

  • Thank You Mr. Iger and all the Cast members involved in tonight’s opening ceremonies of the newest land at Disneyland, Anaheim Ca. , Star Wars Land, Galaxy’s Edge. Thank You All Very Much.

  • Watching while on vaca in Chesapeake City MD but from Southern NJ. Wow that was amazing! Can’t wait for WDW GE to open.

  • Loved the ceremony!!

  • George Lucas and Billy Dee Williams!!!!
    OMG!!!! This is incredible to watch live!

  • Saying hi from Irvine, CA. Can’t wait to visit for my birthday on June 22nd! Already got my hotel and Galaxy’s Edge reservations! Just need to figure out what to wear in the meantime…

  • Watching from Puyallup WA! Excited about the food and environment!

  • Watching from Lincoln, Nebraska!!! Can’t wait for this exciting event!!!!

  • Watching from Seattle! Cant wait see Star Wars land in person next week!

  • Just got home a couple of weeks ago from WDW and we are so excited to see this opening ceremony from home on Long Island!

  • Watching from Louisville, KY!

  • Watching from Buffalo, NY! We’ll be in Orlando for their opening day of Galaxy’s Edge and we can’t wait!!

  • Watching from Rio de Janeiro!

  • Los Angeles …cant wait to see the merchandise…. Congratulations Disney

  • Watching from Houston Texas. Can’t wait to visit Galaxy’s Edge Florida in September.

  • Watching from Iowa! Looking forward to experiencing the Cantina and immersive attractions.

  • Watching from Longmont Colorado at the Cherrywood Observatory.

  • Watching from Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Watching from Jacksonville Florida! Waiting to see what we have to look forward to in a few months!

  • Wow, I just wish I could have been there. But at least I’m watching in bed even though it’s nearly 4 in the morning here in the UK. Can’t wait to save enough for a trip there hopefully sometime in the future. As a very long time Star Wars & Disney fan it’s strangely fitting that Galaxy’s Edge opens on the day I retire after 40 years ! Now that I will always remember.

  • Staying up waiting to see over here from Orlando!

  • Getting ready to watch here in Texas! Can’t wait to visit in person!

  • Watching from Long Beach, CA

  • This should be happening on May 31st!!

  • It’s a little disappointing that the opening ceremony won’t be on opening day of the land. I was so looking forward to seeing this in person.

  • Press previews i think are on the 29th-30th. Last monday was the CM, previews. I saw droids and lightsabers and many happy people. I am Ap holder and often go on mondays. I tried Jedi mind tricks on CM’s in gain entry. But, they are powerful on the ways of the force and disney magic. The cm’s guarding the entrances were a lot of fun to play with. I know everyone here will be nice to the cm’s doing a hard job of not letting people into this area.

  • Will they be doing anything like this in FL in Aug?

  • Since this is on the 29 and reservations start on the 31st will there be anything happening on the 30th? I have reservations 29-30th (made them months before they announced the opening)

  • Oh no that is just rubbing salt in our wounds :'(
    When we planned our Disneyland trip we didn’t know about the opening yet and missed Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge by 2 days and now we will miss this at the park AND online because we will be on an airplane returning home from Disneyland. It’s bitter-sweet because at least we get to go to Disneyland

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