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Epcot Updates Coming to D23 Expo 2019

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

We’re just under three months away from the D23 Expo 2019 in Anaheim, where we will be unveiling more of our transformative plans for Epcot. To whet your appetite, here are three things to look forward to.

  • The park’s core reimagined: You’ve already heard about the transformation taking place just inside the park’s entrance, where we will be enhancing the area with lush green spaces and classic touches. At the Expo, we’ll share more about what’s coming to the core of the park on the opposite side of Spaceship Earth. New areas will be flanking the iconic attraction, and we can’t wait to share the details with you.
Epcot icons
  • A new – but classic – look to match our offerings: Longtime fans of Epcot are familiar with the pavilion icons, like the ones you see here for Imagination!, The Land and The Seas with Nemo & Friends. With new experiences like the previously announced play-themed pavilion joining these Epcot staples, don’t you think we need some new icons to match? More will be revealed at the Expo!
  • More about what makes Epcot, Epcot – Epcot is special for a lot of reasons – as one of Walt’s final projects, as an exclusive part of the Walt Disney World Resort, and as home to millions of memories from generations of guests. As we charge ahead with the park’s evolution, the architects of Epcot’s future are working to preserve all the elements that make this park so special while also evolving it to be more Disney, more family, more relevant and more timeless. At the Expo, you’ll hear more about experiences that are uniquely Epcot – for example, the updated films coming to Future World and World Showcase, as well as new dining experiences being added to the menu of ‘the foodie park.’

Well, there you go – three things to tide you over in the three months leading up to the D23 Expo. Comment below if we’ll be seeing you there! And if not, rest assured that we’ll be covering all the news from the Expo minute by minute here on the Disney Parks Blog.


  • Without a doubt, a trip to Epcot in 1986 inspired this engineer to become just that – an engineer. Experimental (hands-on), Prototype (what is possible) Community of Tomorrow (futuristic) – EPCOT is not just entertainment for so many. I think Walt would want EPCOT to return to its roots. I sure hope it does.

  • Please, please, please…. keep education and cultrual exploration at the core of all Epcot is and continues to be. You have 3 other Florida parks to pack full of movie themes and characters.

  • “…make this park so special while also evolving it to be more Disney, more family, more relevant and more timeless.”
    This sentence really says it all – moving away from the educational fun-tainment that the park used to be back a couple of decades ago and making it a more generic, IP-ladden park.

    From the first time I visited Disney as a little girl, Epcot was always my favorite park – mostly because the park wasn’t all about the big thrill rides. It focused on the inter-connectivity between humans and the world around us. I loved Horizons, Universe of Energy, Body Wars, etc. I realize that Epcot is not a science center/museum and that nothing stays the same. But the park has really lost most of what made Future World great. At least World Showcase is still there.

    I agree with Mark’s comments about global community.

  • Paleo Disney will be there, and we are excited to learn about new dining experiences coming to Epcot!!!

  • Tremendously looking forward to this year’s expo! Can’t wait for more details so I can begin planning my three days!

  • Truth be told, more about what made EPCOT Center, EPCOT Center. I would venture to say in its 11 years from 1982 to 1993, EPCOT Center was (and is) the home to more unforgettable memories from generations of guests than Epcot has been since 1994, especially in Future World. In fact, the pavilion icons you reference were from EPCOT Center, the first one being from Journey Into Imagination rather than Epcot’s Imagination! The third logo was from The Living Seas, not from The Seas with Nemo & Friends.

    In Richard Beard’s 1982 book Walt Disney’s EPCOT Center, he says, “While entertainment will continue to be a highly visible attraction of EPCOT Center, it is the underlying educational value of Future World that is its most important contribution.” I hope that will still be the case moving forward.

  • I can’t wait to hear the updates of the Epcot. I think that in the near future is bright.

  • Please make a Figment ride that is truer to the original! Don’t lose this iconic theme park character to some recent ip. Thanks.

  • I agree with Shannon. The Land and The Seas are truly unique aspects of Epcot, not just as attractions but as places of research and education. I feel certain I speak for many when I say that removing them would destroy the very foundation of what DOES make Epcot, Epcot.

  • We are excited and weary… we want Epcot to stay Epcot, just updated. We don’t want Magic Kingdom 2. We look forward to D 23!

  • This is very exciting. I also hope the park really does stay true to its original vision by maintaining the message about global community. That’s a big part of what moves Epcot beyond being a “mere” theme park, and into being something truly deep and meaningful that people will remember for a lifetime.

  • EPCOT – just such an incredible park!
    It is always the very first park we visit on our yearly family vacation.
    I agree with Shannon, do not take down the structures that make the park so iconic.
    Those buildings are just beyond compare to any others parks anywhere!
    We just returned and I was making sure I took a lot of photos of the EPCOT buildings because they are so incredible.
    I think bringing Marvel to EPCOT waters down the true vision of the park and Walt’s intent.
    We were just so sad last year knowing the Universe of Energy would no longer be…and when we walked past the area to head to the Land and Sea Pavilions a couple of weeks ago it was a real downer knowing we couldn’t enter that beautiful structure anymore.
    I am not adverse to change or modifications but getting rid of the Universe of Energy was taking a huge part out of the magic of EPCOT.
    We are very excited about the new entry and the enhancements but hold off on any major modifications that will change the feel of EPCOT.
    I know I am not alone on these sentiments.


  • This is not at all to take away from the excitement (or fear??) about the Epcot announcements at D23, but I know I speak for many diehard Disneyland Resort fans when I say that we are reeeaaallllllly curious about what will be announced for our West Coast parks and/or hotels, seeing that so many big things have already been revealed!! We can’t even begin to imagine what to expect from the news at D23 (well, we can imagine it — there are many rumors — but we know that not everything that is rumored and speculated on will be announced in August). It’s alternately thrilling and a bit scary, to be honest! lol 🙂 🙂

  • Preserve “ALL” the elements that make this park so special. That is why Universe of Energy is gone. Rumor is The Land and The Seas pavilions will be removed. How is that preserving ALL of the elements?!

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