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Mouseketeers from ‘All New’ Mickey Mouse Club Celebrated During Magical Reunion Pre-Parade at Magic Kingdom Park

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Today, Mouseketeers from all seven seasons of “The ‘All New’ Mickey Mouse Club” were cheered by guests at Magic Kingdom Park during a special pre-parade appearance on Main Street U.S.A.  

The Mouseketeers are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the debut episode of “The ‘All New’ Mickey Mouse Club” on the Disney Channel. And today’s pre-parade moment kicked off a weekend reunion celebration for Mouseketeers and fans!

“The ‘All New’ Mickey Mouse Club” premiered on the Disney Channel in 1989, and Mouseketeers were on-hand to open Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Disney-MGM Studios) where all seasons were taped. The show led to an unprecedented wave of critically acclaimed and award-winning performances in theater, film, and television.

The 30th anniversary celebration and cast reunion continues this weekend with other events, including a 90s-themed party in World Showplace at Epcot on Saturday. The event, hosted by Joey Fatone, will feature dinner, musical performances, nostalgia, fireworks and more.

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  • Yes!!!! #MMC #AlwaysInTheClub

    For the young folk of today that don’t know, these individuals became ambassadors when they were very young and showed the youth starting 30 years ago and lasted 7 seasons in a show about fun, talent and being positive influencers.

    These young people ended up influencing music, stage, TV and movies GLOBALLY and they charted a path that future superstars in those fields (both within the MMC cast members and all over the world to today’s superstars like BTS).

    Not every cast member walked that path BUT they each contributed as the MMC Family. It’s an undeniable bond and legacy that we celebrate 30 years later, whether we are there at the event or celebrating and reminiscing in our current hometown.

    Thank you Disney and MMC!
    Thank you for the childhood of growing up with the amazing 7 seasons of casts that influenced us and continue to influence us today!

  • This show meant so much to me! We had a whole wall of VHS recordings that I would run home from school and tape from TV. My sister and I memorized the skits and even taught ourselves some of the dances by watching our tapes in slo-mo. So happy to see this celebration!

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