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New MagicBand Upgrade Options at Walt Disney World Resort

Avery Maehrer

by , Director, Communications at Walt Disney World Resort

UPDATE: We are happy to share that some of our MagicBand upgrade options are now available. We are working to replenish additional inventory as soon as possible, but please note our selection is subject to availability and may vary at times due to strong popularity. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

There is a certain magic and anticipation that comes with planning your visit to Walt Disney World Resort, especially when it is time to choose a MagicBand customized with your name and favorite color. And soon, we’ll be adding even more beloved wearables you can customize! 

Soon, Disney Resort hotel guests and new and renewing Annual Passholders will have the option to upgrade, at a discounted price, from a complimentary solid-color MagicBand to one of more than 30 new MagicBand upgrade options featuring favorite Disney characters and designs. These new MagicBand upgrade options will be available for pre-arrival purchase at a special price that reflects a $14.99 discount off the regular retail cost through the My Disney Experience website.

Check out the video below to get a sneak peek!

A colorful selection of complimentary MagicBands is still available for guests who choose not to upgrade. The new upgrade options can also be shipped to guests’ homes (U.S. addresses only) if ordered 11 or more days ahead of arrival and can be personalized if done so at least 6 or more days ahead of arrival.

The MagicBand, which recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, effortlessly links the Walt Disney World Resort vacation choices and plans guests make in the My Disney Experience app – from entering the parks to redeeming FastPass+ selections, using dining plan credits, linking Disney PhotoPass photos and more.

Upgraded MagicBands will be sold by Magic Kingdom, Inc. Your credit card will be charged when you place your order. Once personalized, upgraded MagicBands cannot be canceled, returned, refunded or exchanged, even if the hotel reservation is canceled. Personalization not available on certain limited edition MagicBands due to space restrictions. Cancellation of Disney Resort hotel reservations will result in MagicBand orders being canceled; if upgraded MagicBands are ordered and have been personalized at the time the reservation is canceled, the MagicBand order will not be cancelable or refundable and the regular, non-discounted retail price of the upgraded personalized MagicBands will be charged. Pricing of upgraded MagicBands may vary.  Selection subject to availability


  • I was able to order 2 bands this morning!

    The site had some I never seen before and a nice variety of custom ones.

    I was shocked when they let me order both first try.

    Good luck everyone!

  • My husband is a HUGE Emporer’s New Groove fan. Was excited to see it on a magic band. But WHY oh WHY make the center PINK?? Makes NO SENSE and doesn’t even match theme of the movie or the band! Most of the others match the actual band color…

  • I have been trying since day 1 to get three bands. I have been trying for almost two months now. Very frustrating. As a working mom I cannot be glued to the computer all day to play the game of availability. My deadline is coming up soon ( summer vacation trip ) and honestly after this I feel like I will not try again if if there is an overstock.

  • Yay!! Finally got my order placed. I just made a game of it and checked periodically. I had 2 choices for each member of my travel party. I decided if I could not get mine I would take a solid as long as everyone else had theirs. I had a couple choices saved and like everyone else they would disappear. So on the 4th of july I thought” everyone will be busy!” So I checked! The 2 I had saved were there so I picked the others! Then the next step… bingo! Then the final check out. Fingers crossed!! HORRAY!!!! Got confirmation number…. done!!! Just be patient.

  • Hi, very upset ordered all 8 of our magic bands and in the check out it changed my grandson”s Olaf band to a plain grey one. Now all his brothers and sister will have special bands but he will not. I don’t understand what happened. Is there any thing that can be done?

  • I know it is very frustrating to get magic bands but honestly I wouldn’t keep calling customer service about it and complaining, there are a ton of people wanting magic bands, especially the special ones- you’re not the only one. You have to understand that they can only have a certain amount to claim so that they can also sell some at full price for other guests. So just hold your horses and keep looking. I know that if your trip is coming up shortly it kinda sucks but just stick with a normal colored one it’s not gonna hurt- spend that $10 elsewhere at the park. I guaranteed that you’ll still have a great time without that special band.

  • Continue to be disappointed by not being able to order custom bands. As of this morning I’m unable to even try to select a themed band as I’m being given only solid color options. This is so very un-Disney and extremely irksome. Contacting Guest Services at opening time today to complain.

  • It still won’t work for me. Usually only a few are available at a time and you have to select everyones band at the same time. The one time I was able to find a band for everyone I was unable to checkout and kept getting an error message. Not a fun process.

  • Warning – check your email to go over order. I finally was able to purchase my upgraded band and reg yellow band. Checked email and only yellow band there. I called and they couldn’t look up my confirmation number to see if went through- not sure why they give it then. Was told it didn’t look like I ordered anything and to check my charges on my credit card- been 24 hours and no charge yet.
    Whole process if frustrating. Miracle to get through it all and still something wrong.

  • FINALLY ordered our magicbands!!!!! We got the Rafiki/Simba Lion King band that I have never seen and Ariel. Yahoo! I originally wanted the castle band but we are staying at Art of Animation this trip so our bands match the themes there. Every day there is a different variation available and I have seen a few bands that weren’t originally listed in the beginning. Good luck to everyone!

  • We received our 1st set of bands yesterday 🙂 so excited, yes we tried a few times (ok a lot of times) but finally got the ones we wanted, we got Groot and the Castle, they were so much fun too open wish I could attach a picture. Disney does not show the whole band but on the other side of Groot is Rocket!!! and on the other side of the castle is MICKEY!! they are both adorable. We made it a fun challenge to find the ones we wanted both at the same time. We have two trips scheduled and we held off on the order for the 2nd to see what would come up. We both ordered Donald so adorable cant wait to see the other side. Just keep trying it seems they are doing better.

  • If your lucky to find band you want you have to be lucky it even gets to next step. Get to there and you can’t get past to finish/ pay. If I don’t see retry first part it’s there second. So I have question for the people who did get the bands. How many times did you have to retry at both parts to complete everything? Did you keep hitting retry over and over? Did anyone call the number ? Did they help cause when I called I told they couldn’t do it for me and problem being fixed and I shouldn’t have problem – that was 5 days ago. I’ve wasted so much time on this – just curious if I’m wasting more hitting retry over and over

  • Still won’t work! Very frustrating.

  • Hi,

    This is a good idea at all, but all the issue all of us having to get the special magic band offer make everyone’s disappointed.

    Maybe Disney should prioritize the guest check-in in 30 days or less choosing, the same way as Fastpass are done or Dinning reservation.

    We are looking to get 5 special magic band for our family, but unfortunately it’s the second time this wasn’t working.

    I hope Disney will be able to correct the situation before the Magic Band choice deadline before our check-in.


  • This is the most frustrating thing that I have ever tried to do in all my experience with Disney. This is ridiculous. It’s easier to getting a Fast Pass to Flight of Passge than to get a Magic Band upgrade🤦‍♂️

  • Out of 29 available today I CANNOT get the site to allow me to purchase all 4 that I am attempting. I’m intermittently receiving the error page with dismiss, retry choices. I finally tried to finalise my basket with ANY 4 that I could get hold of, same error which then wiped out my choices to start all over. What is going on!! I suspect this is a site functionality issue as well as stock problems. Dear dear dear me, not good.

  • Exactly Lorraine! I too have noticed that! If all of my 5 choices would show up at the same time, I would freak out! Then Im sure I wouldnt be able to check out in tome to actually reserve my picks!

  • I have been watching the available inventory of MagicBands for the last few days, wanting like many others to upgrade those of my family. It looks like it is a computer that is deciding how many, what models and at what time of the day some MagicBands will be made available to be sold. I have noticed that some models that seemed “sold out” suddenly become available a few hours later if not sooner and that more than once during a day. I doubt very much that a new inventory of those MagicBands would be received that often during a day, especially since I am writing on a Sunday. Why can’t you put out all the available inventory at the same time ? The management of those MagicBands has not been up to what Disney standards should be.

  • Hello? Is anyone there?….Disney.. are you listening?? This all sounded like a great idea… at first. With ideas if how to make this process easier being thrown about,you would think someone at Dis would be able to figure it out. So heres mine… just buy them from shop disney!! They seem to have plenty in stock. When checking out we could use our resort confirmation number or pass holder ID etc. as a coupon code for the discount. Then we just link them to our reservation. Easy peasy !!???? I still have plenty if time until my trip but it is interesting to check to see what is ( not) available. I am glad I have not tried to choose and check out it sounds excruciating! As they say….. HAVE A MAGICAL DAY!!

  • This process is so frustrating! I finally got all the way to the purchase page, clicked “purchase” and spent over two hours hitting “retry” until the bands were finally sold out and I wasn’t able to complete the purchase. It’s also frustrating that an entire party has to be done at the same time since not all bands are restocked at the same time, so I have to wait until all the desired bands for my group are there at once and that has been impossible. I hope this starts to improve; I’ve got little patience left. It’s really disappointing.

  • Managed to place order for 1 premium MagicBand but had to order a complimentary coloured band for the other before I could complete the order as our other choice of band out of stock. MDE now says that my order is complete and won’t allow me to upgrade or even view other complimentary bands. Exasperating and will induce a diplomatic incident within the household!

  • Hello…. I saw you brought some back to stock. Will you be bringing back the entire selection you had originally? Im really looking forward to the thumper band coming back.

  • I would be happy if they just offered more of the solid color ones like the pastels!

  • Replying to Jessica RE “limited purchase window”. This is simply a database of information. If Disney used the logic “If the reservation is within N days OR this is an annual pass renewal then allow purchase” this would dramatically reduce the immediate demand for stock.
    I have noticed an additional handful of bands available today but not sure if they are in the process of being restocked or if they have started selling out since I checked yesterday.

  • It doesn’t appear that Disney is any hurry to restock the magic bands so they can accommodate those of us who are patiently waiting. Come on, Team Disney I expect better than this from you. You could at least give us an anticipated date that the magic bands will be restocked. What is the issue? Can’t get enough product from your vendor to supply the needs? It appears there has been random releases of stock available but unless you are sitting at your computer refreshing the screen every few minutes you are going to miss out on the random release of inventory. I personally do not have time to do this. Although I have an open window of two months to make my magic band choice, I feel as though I am in competition with everyone else to get the bands that I want. It is very frustrating and disheartening that I have to go through this struggle when this vacation is supposed to be “Magical”.

  • We ran into an issue when trying to pick our magic bands .. so we saved our color selection in May and then the announcement for premium magic bands came out so we tried to change it but when it came time they had gone out of stock and we checked every day since then to see if they would come back but when it was 30 days away from our trip they confirmed our initial selection and when we contacted Disney to help us there was nothing they could do when the order goes into fulfillment.. so from our experience if you make a selection and then premium ones come out call Disney to have them revert your selection so that you can change it to a premium one or else the option won’t even appear

  • Can we get an update?

    Just booked my second resort stay and STILL no band options other than the same five colors we have always had.

  • Silence speaks loudly!

  • Any update would be nice?
    1 band is available today so I guess I missed other. Would like to have one but not looking every minute of the day just to see buy one.
    Surely it would be better to have a the opposite to fastpass or dining reservations. Such as you have to order before the 60/90 day period so Disney can reorder in the require bands for each guest. So even if they are currently out of stock they will delivered ready for when your trip begins?

  • I’ve seen alot of comments on here about making the bands available during a limited window; for example closer to your trip date. However that would be very hard for Disney to do as this isn’t just for resort guests but also for annual passholders and as annual passholders do not have a set trip date they have no way to make a limited window for these upgrades magic bands.

  • Hi,
    My trip is in September and I will be happy to wait until closer to the date if the bands will be available then. Like many other comments on here, why can’t you make them available during a limited window based on the date of your trip (like a pretty well organised dining reservation and fastpass system I know about :). Also, official updates on this situation are pretty few and far between??

  • Any updates on the magic bands?

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