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New MagicBand Upgrade Options at Walt Disney World Resort

Avery Maehrer

by , Manager of Communications, Walt Disney World Resort

UPDATE: We are happy to share that some of our MagicBand upgrade options are now available. We are working to replenish additional inventory as soon as possible, but please note our selection is subject to availability and may vary at times due to strong popularity. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

There is a certain magic and anticipation that comes with planning your visit to Walt Disney World Resort, especially when it is time to choose a MagicBand customized with your name and favorite color. And soon, we’ll be adding even more beloved wearables you can customize! 

Soon, Disney Resort hotel guests and new and renewing Annual Passholders will have the option to upgrade, at a discounted price, from a complimentary solid-color MagicBand to one of more than 30 new MagicBand upgrade options featuring favorite Disney characters and designs. These new MagicBand upgrade options will be available for pre-arrival purchase at a special price that reflects a $14.99 discount off the regular retail cost through the My Disney Experience website.

Check out the video below to get a sneak peek!

A colorful selection of complimentary MagicBands is still available for guests who choose not to upgrade. The new upgrade options can also be shipped to guests’ homes (U.S. addresses only) if ordered 11 or more days ahead of arrival and can be personalized if done so at least 6 or more days ahead of arrival.

The MagicBand, which recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, effortlessly links the Walt Disney World Resort vacation choices and plans guests make in the My Disney Experience app – from entering the parks to redeeming FastPass+ selections, using dining plan credits, linking Disney PhotoPass photos and more.

Upgraded MagicBands will be sold by Magic Kingdom, Inc. Your credit card will be charged when you place your order. Once personalized, upgraded MagicBands cannot be canceled, returned, refunded or exchanged, even if the hotel reservation is canceled. Personalization not available on certain limited edition MagicBands due to space restrictions. Cancellation of Disney Resort hotel reservations will result in MagicBand orders being canceled; if upgraded MagicBands are ordered and have been personalized at the time the reservation is canceled, the MagicBand order will not be cancelable or refundable and the regular, non-discounted retail price of the upgraded personalized MagicBands will be charged. Pricing of upgraded MagicBands may vary.  Selection subject to availability


  • This is SO exciting! I have quite a few of the basic MagicBands, so I’l definitely be ordering the special designs for my upcoming trips. Great price, too!

  • Is there a time frame as to when “soon” is? I have resort reservations in September and October so I’m hoping it’s here before then. (My guess is you would be aiming for before star wars land opens)

  • When is soon? Can I do it for my trip in 8 days?

  • I’m also wondering how soon, soon is?

  • How soon is soon? Would It be available for my trip in July?

  • I just renew/purchased our annual would love to upgrade our new bands! How soon can we expect this?

  • I have till May 14th to customize 😭, hopefully it’s available before then.

  • Well our customization window just ended, so not an option for us for this trip.

  • Hopefully it’s real soon!! Love this and was wondering why it wasn’t an option sooner! Please, please update with a date soon

  • It’s just sad that they don’t give you the option to pay for shipping outside the US
    Said I will watch this closely before my holiday at the end of September

  • Great idea! Would be nice to know when!!!

  • I would assume this also applies to those who hold Disney Premier Passports? I’ll be diving into one of those this fall in preparation for a year full of Disney events at WDW and Disneyland Resort.

  • @Tristan: it’s not that shipping is extra, it’s that they legally can’t send that technology outside of the US.

  • I heard it starts May 15 from someone who just called and asked Disney.

  • Just wish you could get more than just grey if you’re not able to plan a trip far enough in advance. Would it really be that tough to stock the resorts with some of the basic colors?

  • Is the magic band only offered for Florida ? We have a trip in sept but to California and staying at a Disneyland resort. Are the magic bands offered there and is the upgraded bands also be available in California?

  • Cindy
    Yeah the magic bands are at the Florida Disney parks. California doesn’t have them yet.

  • The 15th is the date. However, at this time, only new reservations from that date on will qualify for this upgrade. I expressed my displeasure for any of us who book a year in advance. I was told that if there are enough calls, Disney may have to change the policy and allow those of us who already have chosen our magicbands. You should be able to use this upgrade option until your reservation is 11 days out of your stay. The video and info released is very misleading. I would keep checking the site. I was also told if you simple “choose to decline” that you will still only be presented with the same color options that were available when you booked. So best not to decline the free ones, but rather check back and see after the 15th – I am hoping that all the complaints may change how this goes down. Hope this helps, I had a very lengthy talk with someone who has been there for 20 plus years.

  • I really hope it’s not true that only new reservations will be allowed to customoze the band. I have a trip at the end of december, far away from the May 15th release date of this option, and I don’t want to cancel and rebook just to be able to customize my band(and pay for it!). We are 8 people and all want this upgrade. Please Disney let this be available for everyone 🙂

  • We have 48 days till our magicband customization window closes. I really hope the upgrade option is available to to current reservations. So much trouble to cancel then reserve again. I will be on the app checion may 15th.

  • My MagicBand window closes in a couple of days and I would love to upgrade mine for our trip next month!! Can anyone help in this regard??

  • I hope we can do this for our July trip. But it’s been booked for a long time.

  • I’d like to add my voice to this. We are booked for September and, if the rumour is true, I don’t see why I (and others) should lose out because we committed to a holiday last year. Surely it wouldn’t be too much effort to allow any booking within the customisation period to have the upgrade option??

  • I have always wondered why they didn’t do this. I have a stay booked for August and I am so upset that I won’t be able to do this. Should I call and tell Disney? I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want my money???

  • I agree. I really hope Disney opens this for existing reservations. It would be a mistake not to offer it to existing reservations. We shouldn’t be punished for early planning. Very excited to see if they will open it up on the 15th and extend to those of us who have reservations. Only 45 days til our trip and 16 days left to customize the Magicbands .

  • My holiday with a group of 10 is in November and we would all love to take advantage of this offer. Our holiday has been booked for months already. If not we will have to stick with the plain colors. I hope existing reservations will be able to choose bands 🙂

  • Honestly, I agree. People who still have a window to order their magicbands and already have a reservation should really be able to have this customized option.

  • hope that Disney includes us people that booked their holiday in advance so we could afford this once in a life time trip as the rumour is you can only get the upgrade if you book from the 15th of may. will be disappointing if it isn’t as we are a group of 4 that were all will to pay the extra for them.

  • The person who I spoke with said that it will be available to everyone that has not hit the window where no more customizations are allowed, no matter when the trip was booked.

  • My family and I would also like to upgrade our MagicBands even if we booked our trip many months ago. As far as I am concerned, it would not be a good business practice for Disney to allow only certain guests to benefit from such upgrade. Wish that we have a nice surprise on May the 15th and that all guests that still have time to personnalize their MagicBands (whether they already did it or not) can upgrade them.

  • Adding my thoughts to this thread in the hope that someone at Disney listens.

    Book our holiday 460 days out as too excited to wait, then this news lands.

    I think it would be nice if people that still have time available to customize their bands can do so if they booked before the 15th.

    Really want to get a special band this time out for the children. Living in the UK we cant order from shopdisney (they cant ship magicbands outside US) so would have to do it while on holiday. It would just be nice to surprise the children when we arrive.

    Fingers crossed you will be able to do it for pre-existing bookings.

    • Hi, Benjamin! Happy to provide some clarification – when it launches, the offer will be available for previously-booked and newly-booked Disney Resort hotel reservations, as long as that reservation is still within the pre-arrival MagicBand selection window and your complimentary MagicBands haven’t already shipped.

  • Our stay is in November we booked it in April and we were told we can definitely take advantage of the upgraded magic band. As long as you are not past the customization time for your trip you should be fine I would think. As far as being in the UK(another commenter) you should be able to and they will be at your resort when you arrive. Unless you are not staying at a Disney resort

  • Is anyone seeing the magic band upgrade today? My trip has been booked since last year but we don’t travel until November so we still have time to customize our bands and I’m hoping to choose the upgraded bands. I logged in and I’m not seeing them as an option.

  • I logged into my account this morning (76 days from the end of our customization period) and I was not given an “upgrade” option to our bands. I’m terribly disappointed.

  • Hi everyone- love this new option – we are 50 days out today and wondering if anyone close to their dates has learned if we will be allowed to upgrade!

  • I’m surprising my daughter with a trip in August. I hope we will be able to upgrade our bands. We can customize until July. Please!

    • Hi, Jennifer! When it launches, the offer will be available for previously-booked and newly-booked Disney Resort hotel reservations, as long as that reservation is still within the pre-arrival MagicBand selection window and your complimentary MagicBands haven’t already shipped. Hope you and your daughter have an amazing trip!

  • I logged on this morning and no options were available. I messaged Disney and they told me the release date for the bands have been moved and they don’t have a new date yet. She suggested watching the website daily.

  • I am really hoping we can do this for our existing reservation. It is May 15th which was rumored… Has anyone heard anything?

    • Hi, Bobbie. While this offer is not launching today, it’s coming real soon. Stay tuned!

  • I just talked to someone, it has not gone live yet, and it will be for everyone who is at least 11 days out from their trip when they go live. The person who posted about the 15th being the day and new reservations only was mis-informed. At this time they have not been told when it will go live.

  • We only have 14 days left personalize our magic bands. I am hoping it launches before we are out of time.

  • I’m curious if the solid colors that are currently not included in the standard free selection (turquoise, lavender, black, white, etc) will become standard options, or if the will also be an additional $10 to purchase (they are priced lower than character magic bands).

  • We never ordered our complimentary passholder Magic Bands, so I’m hoping to upgrade them when it goes live. 🙂

  • Very excited for this to be an option! only 40 days til our trip and cant wait to select our customer bands!

  • Any word on when the new magic bands will be available

  • This is so frustrating. Disney never will give out dates they just say “coming soon” soon could be 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days , 5 weeks, 5 months there is no telling. I just don’t understand why they would release the information and not give a concrete date.

  • Would be nice to have a launch date given. The tease worked but now frustration is setting in. I just keep checking 10 times a day…come on Disney – let us know when!

  • I agree with many others who would all love to know a date. We like to have our magic bands in hand prior to arrival which means we need to have them ordered at least 11 days out from our June 12th arrival date. I don’t trust cutting it that close. Just let us know so we all know if it will even be an option for those of us with a stay coming up. Thanks!

  • I am sooo hoping these are available before my deadline! I am bring my Grandaughter for her first trip in 44 days

  • Has anyone seen the upgrade button yet?

  • This is super exciting and my entire family would love to take advantage of this. Since learning about this my kids have asked me everyday if today is the day. I, like many Disney lovers, am a planner and would love to know a date to figure out if it is going to be available for our vacation or not so we can either set a reminder for the date or mark it off our list.

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