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New MagicBand Upgrade Options at Walt Disney World Resort

Avery Maehrer

by , Director, Communications at Walt Disney World Resort

UPDATE: We are happy to share that some of our MagicBand upgrade options are now available. We are working to replenish additional inventory as soon as possible, but please note our selection is subject to availability and may vary at times due to strong popularity. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

There is a certain magic and anticipation that comes with planning your visit to Walt Disney World Resort, especially when it is time to choose a MagicBand customized with your name and favorite color. And soon, we’ll be adding even more beloved wearables you can customize! 

Soon, Disney Resort hotel guests and new and renewing Annual Passholders will have the option to upgrade, at a discounted price, from a complimentary solid-color MagicBand to one of more than 30 new MagicBand upgrade options featuring favorite Disney characters and designs. These new MagicBand upgrade options will be available for pre-arrival purchase at a special price that reflects a $14.99 discount off the regular retail cost through the My Disney Experience website.

Check out the video below to get a sneak peek!

A colorful selection of complimentary MagicBands is still available for guests who choose not to upgrade. The new upgrade options can also be shipped to guests’ homes (U.S. addresses only) if ordered 11 or more days ahead of arrival and can be personalized if done so at least 6 or more days ahead of arrival.

The MagicBand, which recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, effortlessly links the Walt Disney World Resort vacation choices and plans guests make in the My Disney Experience app – from entering the parks to redeeming FastPass+ selections, using dining plan credits, linking Disney PhotoPass photos and more.

Upgraded MagicBands will be sold by Magic Kingdom, Inc. Your credit card will be charged when you place your order. Once personalized, upgraded MagicBands cannot be canceled, returned, refunded or exchanged, even if the hotel reservation is canceled. Personalization not available on certain limited edition MagicBands due to space restrictions. Cancellation of Disney Resort hotel reservations will result in MagicBand orders being canceled; if upgraded MagicBands are ordered and have been personalized at the time the reservation is canceled, the MagicBand order will not be cancelable or refundable and the regular, non-discounted retail price of the upgraded personalized MagicBands will be charged. Pricing of upgraded MagicBands may vary.  Selection subject to availability


  • Would like to order my magic bands for my upcoming trip in early August.. Disney can someone please provide an update.. Are the upgrade options even going to be available by then or do we just need to settle for the basic band

  • Just wondering if the problem has been resolved with upgrading the magic bands since I’m renewing my annual passes this week?

  • Is there a place we check periodically to see if this issue has been resolved? I have a little it of rime left before I need to finalize my bands and would love these.

  • When do you think that this will be solved?

  • Is anyone from Disney going to provide us with more information about this? It would be good to know what progress and strategy Disney are making with regard to magicband upgrades.

  • I’m praying that Disney can get more bands in stock soon. I still have some time before my trip in August, but it’s frustrating to keep missing out on upgrading bands for the 8 people in my family. It’s especially frustrating to have gotten the error message while trying to complete the order, and then missing out entirely because they sold out again.

  • Twice now — the first day these bands were offered and this week — tried to select upgrades and was unable to finish the process, booted off the Website, etc. When starting over my order and all the bands are gone. Unfathomable that Disney hasn’t prepared for this or never considered using the same system as Fast Passes and Dining reservations so those whose trips are coming up sooner can select bands before someone whose trip is over a year from now.

  • 14 days to complete my magic band order and I can still only select the complimentary solid colour bands after not managing to get any of the upgraded bands on the first release. As other comments have said – please use a similar setup to fast passes where only those travelling in the next month can access the upgraded bands! It seems unfair that we are getting blocked out before people who have months until their visit. An email letting us know the bands are available to choose would also be extremely useful – I am trying to check the app daily but looks like I missed another release yesterday!

  • Same comments as others. Showed 54 available this morning, slected 2 but I kept getting errors for mine (assuming as they sold out). By the time I found one that worked for me, the others in my group were not available. This is so frustrating. Disney, figure this out. I can’t book fastpasses until 60 days out, why no do the same here..just set a benchmark date so you aren’t overloaded.

  • Disney gets so many things right, that I’m surprised there continue to be problems with this offer. Today the special bands have been released again- I tried to order the bands within probably 50 minutes from them releasing these bands again, and I continue to get error messages and a message that says to contact the internet help desk and the first time I tried to call them there was a 60 minute wait and now there is a 45 minute wait. I believe the bands my family chose were sold out within 50 minutes because I had to go to our 2nd and 3rd choices. Disney- perhaps you should send a special link for families whose window to order the bands is closing within the next 15 days. It isn’t fair that people who have vacations in November are receiving their bands now and the rest of us with summer vacations are getting shut out.

  • You should realistically only be able to order these upgraded magic bands 30 days out. That would allow less congestion and more availability of stock. Anyone ordering a year out is just adding to the problem… there is no reason to order that far in advance. My current trip is June 21st and I only got one(snacks band) of my 3 I ordered the other 2 were just the default grey even though I had a confirmation for Vader and the castle. My next trip is in October and I didn’t even attempt to order because there is no reason until I get closer to October so maybe September. Basically if you are more than 30 days out calm down and wait. It’s more fun to get them closer to your trip anyway.
    Please hold off on the trigger if you have more than 30 days before you leave… 😀

  • Very disappointed in the new magic band process. It was mentioned that you could keep checking on inventory for all bands. I saw stitch and grabbed it which also made me choose the other household members so I selected complimentary thinking I could keep checking inventory. I paid for the stitch and it shut me out of all of the bands. Then I get a confirmation telling me they were going to ship. I called and CM told me that once you purchase that I no longer have the option to purchase a character one at the discounted price for my son. I didn’t want to just pick stitch and not pay since there were tons of comments saying they lost their choice. Please rethink allowing individuals to purchase the discounted bands since this process was not communicated correctly.

  • I Believe that if Disney has the power to control magic band timing for upcoming trips then it should be able to govern the magic band customization and availability for those whose trips are 30 days out vs a year out. Not sure why the inventory was released in a fashion that ALL resort reservations were able to purchase magic bands beginning on the 20th. why not limit it to upcoming trips allowing for a more controlled inventory that would allow everyone to have an opportunity to upgrade in time for the magical vacation.

  • I had all the magic bands in my cart then kept getting an error during checkout – I’ve been trying for 2 days and now they are gone. Like others, I will have to keep checking daily to see if they are restocked. They can be purchased for full price from the shop Disney app, so they can’t be sold out. Very frustrating… I didn’t even get an email notifying me that I could update my magic band choices, just happened to read about it online. Would really love an email when they are restocked since you already know I have a reservation 🙁

  • Give some responses to all the recent Comments.
    Fix the system so the available list doesn’t fluctuate.
    My trip is over 2 months out so it shouldn’t be a variable list.

  • On the new page layout for Magic Bands for our trip, I don’t see an opt-out selection as has been offered previously. If we want to use existing Magic Bands, is the opt-out still available and where is it?

  • Everyone is saying their orders shipped right away no matter when their trip is . I got the confirmation email that the order was placed, but no shipping information., and I placed my order the first day.

  • Make sure to select bands for EVERYONE on your reservation to complete your order. Everyone in my family made their selections Monday, and those selections showed as completed. The designs we picked even displayed above our avatars. Now they’re grayed out and missing since we made our selections on our individual My Disney Experience accounts. If four people are on your reservation, you MUST pick all four bands at that time to lock in the choices.

    Now that ALL of our band choices are sold out, we’ll be forced to recheck every day until they are back in stock. Kinda crazy they sold out in two days, hopefully they’re more prepared with future band options.

  • Please restock them! There are only a half of them available right now, even for arrivals later this year. It can’t be possible that they are already finished. Thanks!

  • This service is pretty poor from Disney. Can we have someone from disney reply please. I edited my selections for and added all the ones we wanted and clicked to checkout. The website then pre authorised my card 12 times and told me it could not complete my order. The phone wait was over 20 minutes and so I emailed. All of the transactions were removed from the card but all of the bands we chose and personalised are now not showing!

  • Will this be a limited time offer or a permanent new feature. Some magic bands that were available last night isn’t showing this morning so wanted to know if it will be restocked, or are the ones available the only ones left?

    • Hi, Charlene. Due to strong popularity, our selection of MagicBand upgrade options is currently limited. Disney Resort hotel Guests and new and renewing Walt Disney World Annual Passholders may continue to choose from a selection of complimentary solid-color MagicBands. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are working to replenish our inventory as soon as possible.

  • Wow. Yesterday they had I think 38 available, at least 30-something, but I held off buying b/c I had 25 days left and figured they would possibly add more. I keep envisioning buying some, and then when newer ones become available my kids will want those and it will be too late. Someone posted that since these are “basic” not limited releases, they won’t sell out anytime soon lol. Now there are only 18 choices available. I’m sure they’ll be re-stocking more, or making more available if there is this much demand. If not, as I said previously, it’s essentially a 15 dollar coupon, not the end of the world.

  • Will any bands be restocked? Now none of the special bands are showing for me – only the plain colors.

  • Yesterday I chose my bands, but wanted to pay with a Disney gift card (wasn’t an option), so I waiting and called Disney today where I was informed that gift card payment is not and will not be option… Now that bands I wanted are sold out. It’s literally been one day. Will these be restocked??

  • Will the missing bands be restocked? I was not able to checkout yesterday and the bands we picked are now gone.

  • Does anyone know if they will be restocking the magic bands. I was able to choose my bands yesterday, but not place the order, and today when I went to try to finish the order my choices were not there, and the bands I chose yesterday are no longer available.

  • So happy to see that our Magic Band selection has been automatically reset! Now to get together to decide which bands we want. Won’t hurry since we have until August for our final selection – best to wait for the rest of the rush to pass.

  • I was hoping there would be alternative solid colors available. I wanted to get a discount on the lavender band.

  • Just my luck.
    We start our trip on the 31st so today is 11 days out, but the site is not working so i’ll be stuck with the plain ole solid colors. I wish they’d give international visitors more time since they wont be shipping it out, we dont need 11 days out.

  • Upgraded 3 MagicBands … Card was charged but website still shows only our original solid color choices or just errors out with the Seven Dwarfs. No email confirmation either. They need to get this fixed!

  • Elsie – yes to Groot, no to Grumpy.

  • Elsie….Groot is an option but Grumpy is not… least not today

  • I am going to wait till tomorrow morning to try again, when all those in the US are still asleep and not trying to log on to upgrade their Magic Bands :).

  • i cant see the options, can anyone tell me if groot and grumpy are on the discounted list?

  • Will there be more options, or is this it?

  • The site is going to take some time to be working properly. So many hitting the site at once and they are still working on the backend. I just got off the phone with Disney and they are aware of the crashes and are working to fix the site. I was assured that none of these are going to “sell out” anytime soon (they’re all open editions), so if your Walt Disney World trip is not coming up in the immediate future, you might want to hold off on ordering for a few days.

  • As I feared it’s gone live , bands have been added but the page not loading obviously because of everyone rushing to do it .. me included ! has anyone actually managed to do it yet ?

  • The bands have been added and you do not have to call and get reset, it does it automatically.. But they are still adding everything so the site is crashing as you try an add.. I’m 4 days from ship day..

  • It’s live!!! And anyone who is still within the window can make the upgrade.

  • I’m frustrated and disappointed with the differing information and lack of information about this program. I too chose my magic bands weeks ago, so I’ve tried for the past 2 days to work with the Disney internet help desk to get my choices erased so I would be eligible to purchase the upgrade. Unfortunately they have not been successful in helping me. Additionally, The CM I spoke to today who spoke with his manager said that the upgrade option would not be available to me since I booked my vacation months ago, and also said the program is indefinitely on hold. Like so many of us, I am paying a lot of money for this vacation, and my daughter and I were really looking forward to ordering fancy bands- but now to pay an additional $100+ to purchase those now on top of all the money I’m spending is upsetting.

  • Jennifer, how did you get them to reset yours? I already customized ours and we leave August 1st. After holding twenty minutes they came back and told me I could do it online. When I explained again that I know that and am not looking to change them but waiting for the upgrade option they put me back on hold again…it has been another 15 minutes and nothing. They do not seem to know what I am talking about!!!!

  • I am really disappointed!! I said that should be long ago (discounted character magicbands). However I went to the Disney store today to have family members start picking which ones they would want and the selection of available magicbands has really narrowed down!! There are still some good ones, but not near as many and a fair amount of them are just so plain and unexciting. The one I picked a year ago that I wanted (Figment) is completely gone, as is many others our family looked at. This is so disappointing!!

  • Do we have a date yet for the upgraded option?

  • Jennifer what number did you call are you in the UK as I tried this & they said they are unable to do it !? 🙁

  • Does anyone know when this will start. Our trip is in 45 days and would love to see this happen before we leave.

  • Chrystal, you can have the cast member reset your magic band selections. I already had mine picked and they were able to wipe them clean. I’m currently beyond my original customization date with my magic bands waiting to be customized now before my 11 day window. Just waiting on Disney now to hopefully release the new bands before I’m out if time.

  • I agree that it would be unfortunate for those who have already chosen to not be able to upgrade. I am sure Disney is trying to work through the logistics of rolling it out to already made reservations and figuring out glitches. Maybe they didn’t realize HOW popular the idea would be and coding for the change is taking time. Just trying to see their perspective here. They don’t want to miss a selling opportunity any more than we want to miss this buying opportunity.

  • I too have chosen my colors, and when I heard the news about an upgrade option was excited. But then I thought, this trip is costing ab 5g for 4 people, plus spending, EMH, etc, it’s going to end up being probably 8g or more. This Magic Band option is essentially just a 15 dollar coupon if you really think about it. So while I’d still like the option, if it isn’t available, we can always order our bands online, ebay, or when we get to DW, and pay $30 instead of $15 or whatever depending on which design you like. So if I have to pay 8,000 or 8,060 (extra 15/band xs 4 people in my party) for the trip, if you really want it I say just get it, think of it as one of your souvenirs.

  • They were wrong, I was told as long as your within the 11 day window and your hands have not shipped yet , you will have the option to upgrade when it goes live

  • I was hoping to see the button on the 15th. I called as we are still more than 90 days away from our trip and expected to see the upgrade and was told that even though it isn’t live, I won’t see it when it is because I already chose my magic band colors. I explained that we always get started with that ( having our names and colors chosen) and will likely change again before we go because I can still see the ‘change’ button, but the staff I spoke with said if I am at that stage I won’t get the opportunity to upgrade. I was so disappointed. We have been waiting for this to become a thing on line since they had the customization availability at MK in 2016. I was hoping the CM was wrong. This was a big deal for us and if we miss out because we have chosen colors already ( with the chance to still change that currently – meaning clearly the order hasn’t been made, and we are still well beyond the 11day window) it will be realllllly unfortunate for some big fans.

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