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Seeing Your #HappyPlace From a Different Angle

Aubrey Gravante

by , Public Relations Director, Disney Parks

If you’re like me, you’ve probably visited Walt Disney World Resort several times. So much so that you are always looking for new ways to capture snapshots of your favorite icons throughout the theme parks. Here are some ways to change up the view of your #HappyPlace!

Cinderella Castle

A little sun flare can go a long way. Whether you are visiting for an early breakfast or enjoying the park as the sun is setting, take advantage of those moments where the sun is peeking through in your shot. Check out the morning glow shining through the arches of the Cinderella Castle turrets.

Spaceship Earth

Change up your view. You may be used to seeing your favorite icon from a certain angle, but sometimes a new perspective can jumpstart your imagination! Spaceship Earth looks amazing when turned on its head.

Purple Minnie Mouse ear headbands

A pop of color can stir up inspiration. Whether it’s a fun wall or blossoming flower bed, there is no lack of color surrounding guests at Walt Disney World Resort. Use this infinite color pallet to make your photos pop.  You might have inspiration right in front of you!

Beast Castle in Magic Kingdom Park

Use existing nature to add texture. Although a clear, iconic shot may be your goal, sometimes obstructing the view can actually enhance it. Something as simple as a few branches can become a foreboding forest on the way to Beast’s Castle.

What are your favorite ways of capturing pics of your #HappyPlace?