Soarin’ Over California Returns to Disney California Adventure Park this June for a Limited Time

Michael Ramirez

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

The epic, aerial adventure Soarin’ Over California returns to Disney California Adventure park! From June 1 to 30, this beloved attraction is coming back for a limited time this summer.

Take flight and enjoy a bird’s-eye view over California. This virtual tour celebrates the beauty and wonder of the Golden State—from San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge to the crashing waves in Malibu. You will be raised high into the air, and surrounded by an immersive, 80-foot projection dome to simulate the graceful motion of flight, while your senses will be teased with iconic scents found throughout California.

Originally opened in 2001, Soarin’ Over California became a fan-favorite attraction. In 2016, the attraction became Soarin’ Around the World, taking you over the many wonders of the world—from the majestic Swiss Alps to the Great Wall of China.

The return of Soarin’ Over California adds to the exciting offerings available at Disney California Adventure park this June. Check out the behind-the-scenes peek of “Tale of the Lion King,” which debuts on June 7.


  • Bring back Soarin’ Over California permanently, please!!!

  • I’m not crying, YOU ARE CRYING!

    Came to DCA just for this! Jerry’s soundtrack gets me everytime!

  • I like them both. The California one is nostalgic for me, but World has the Matterhorn and Castle which are also pretty special.

  • It would be wonderful if one side could be SOC and the other SOtW.
    Please, please, please!

  • I have been waiting for the original Sorin to come back!!! Can’t wait to ride it!!!

  • This was one of the highlights of my trip last week. Thank You! I hope the California version(my favorite) stays for even just part of the day (like CircleVision films rotated throughout the day).

  • When you are standing in line for over an hour — and there are no more fast passes available — and you overhear adults commenting on how great Soarin’ Over California is and that they have missed it — when grad nite graduates are talking about Soarin’ to their friends who have never seen it — well, 30 days is just too short! I’d love to see it again next month, and the next month and the next month after that (as would many others). Please work your magic!!! And thanks for bringing it back :~)

  • Soaring over California is awesome. I like the world one as well but it would be nice if they alternated. Every other month or something would be cool.

  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Soarin’ Over California. The smells are amazing & it’s just relaxing. I vote to keep California or at least play it once a month.

  • I rode Soarin California and hate to say it… but I was underwhelmed. I think they should bring back Soarin California (after all it IS a California Adventure attraction) but it needs to be updated in a big way if bring it back it permanently.

  • Bring it back permanently!! California version is soooo much more fun.

  • I much prefer the “California” version to the “Wold” version. It seemed a lot less CGI. I hope this ends up being a permanent change.

  • Not to rock the boat…but I absolutely love Soarin’ Around the World. Soarin’ Over California was fine…but I can personally visit all of those places whenever I want. I stopped going unless I was with people from out of town who wanted to see it. Around the World is just magical to me…seeing places I will probably never get to visit. So beautiful! The only thing I miss about Soarin’ Over CA is the smell of the orange groves :). It’ll be nice to have it back for a bit. I’ll for sure visit it when it’s back…But I love Soarin’ Around the World and am glad it’s staying. Maybe having both rotate through would be fun?

  • I screamed so loud when I found out Soarin’ Over California was back. I wish it was permanent but at least it is something. THANK YOU so much for bringing one of the best Disney attractions back once again. Maybe it will come back another time, but this time be permanent!

  • PLEASE, please, please 🙏 bring Soarin over Cali back on a permanent basis. It was my husband’s absolute favorite ride. Since it changed, and we tried the new version we were INCREDIBLY disappointed, and no longer bother going on it. The soundtrack, footage and smells are far better than the new version. And who doesn’t love kicking the kayaker?😂🤣 We just thought it was such a fantastic way to showcase California!!!

  • Agree with everyone else: the new Soarin’ is not nearly as good as the original. They should keep Soarin’ over CA in CA and split the theaters in WDW. Would be interested in seeing which one has the longer lines

  • Bring the CA version permanently to EPCOT. I felt most of the scenes in the CA version fit the theme of the Land Pavilion nicely.

  • Please keep Soarin’ over California! I have seen both, multiple times. California is the superior film, and fits into DCA!

  • Please return Soarin’ Over California to EPCOT in Walt Disney World. I appreciate that Disney tried to make the new film, Soarin’ Around the World, to appeal to more areas and people of the world but it’s just an inferior product compared to Soarin’ Over California. The images in the California version are more genuine, easily viewable from every angle without straight angle buildings giving away the curvature of the screen and has way better interactive 4D scenes like water spray at the ocean and orange grove smells to experience. The World version feels more like an ad with fake CGI in every scene distracting us from any real footage. California version is just more fun in general. Please bring it back to EPCOT!

  • KEEP IT FOREVER! Or at least have Soarin over California play in just one theatre!

  • The videos of both versions are great; however, it’s the music from the original California version that kept people coming back.
    (It would be nice to hear that music live. There appears to be enough room for an orchestra on the floor in front of the screen).

  • NIce post i like your post.

  • I love the original Soarin. Keep Soarin over California in DCA where it belongs!

  • Please keep Soarin’ Over California!!!

    It is FAR superior to the “Around the World”. There is no warping landscape or buildings and it had the perfect mix of scenery to show off how amazing California really is. Leave Around the World in the other parks but please let us have Over California in California Adventure.

  • We can’t be there till next year; please keep it!

  • I agree with many of the previous comments that Soarin’ Over California is a superior attraction and particularly suited to Disney’s CALIFORNIA Adventure – the realistic sensation of soaring over California’s majestic landscapes, good mood-setting music, the surprise flying golf ball, the sensational scents of oranges, forests, and refreshing ocean air, all fascinating facets of California’s natural diversity. I join with others to say, PLEASE consider retaining it permanently, or at least for longer than a mere one month. There are many guests/California residents who have never seen the magic of the original, who would undoubtedly appreciate it to become a whole new generation of fans! Yes, it would be fitting to have a few attractions that mark Disneyland’s status as the original and as a unique destination.

  • Gee.. it’s a shame we all can’t agree on this one. 😉 😉 lol

  • Keep it forever, not just till the end of June. The people of spoken!

  • Please keep it longer! My whole family like the original Soarin’ Over California way better than the new version. Thanks!

  • I agree with others! Keep Soarin’ Around the World in Epcot where it’s a park about the world, and keep Soarin’ Over California in California Adventure permanently!!

  • Please please please make this a permanent change. The original was so good. I loved the euphoria of the surfers waving at the camera and that danger of the helicopter, I loved the feeling of flying over Yosemite and that scene with the horses… the new one is just cold and digital and looks like a video game. So happy this is coming back.

  • I’m just going to echo what everyone else is saying – Love Soarin’ Over Calilfornia! Bring it back – please! Both to Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The ride was so special and I think it showed great pride in the US and California and was just plain fun! Have to admit to being a bit teary-eyed at the end flying over Disneyland. There is what I guess is a sentimental attachment to Soarin’ Over California that you just don’t get with Soarin’ Around the World. The new film just leaves me cold.

  • They should at least keep it thru summer

  • Oh PLEASE keep the original Soarin ! This is so much better than Soarin over the world. I can still remember how we would cheer and clap during certain scenes. You don’t get that now at all!
    My family loves Soarin over Calif and can’t wait to see it again. Thank You for bringing it back. I’m taking my husband who never got to see the original, only the World one and I keep telling him how much better the old one was. Thank You

  • This makes me so happy! We will be there in June, yay! Soarin Over CA is my favorite. I wish it would stay longer. It would be fabulous to give riders the option of one film or the other. Or make it random like Star Tours.

  • California Adventure, Soarin’ Over California. Get it?

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