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Soarin’ Over California Returns to Disney California Adventure Park this June for a Limited Time

Michael Ramirez

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

The epic, aerial adventure Soarin’ Over California returns to Disney California Adventure park! From June 1 to 30, this beloved attraction is coming back for a limited time this summer.

Take flight and enjoy a bird’s-eye view over California. This virtual tour celebrates the beauty and wonder of the Golden State—from San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge to the crashing waves in Malibu. You will be raised high into the air, and surrounded by an immersive, 80-foot projection dome to simulate the graceful motion of flight, while your senses will be teased with iconic scents found throughout California.

Originally opened in 2001, Soarin’ Over California became a fan-favorite attraction. In 2016, the attraction became Soarin’ Around the World, taking you over the many wonders of the world—from the majestic Swiss Alps to the Great Wall of China.

The return of Soarin’ Over California adds to the exciting offerings available at Disney California Adventure park this June. Check out the behind-the-scenes peek of “Tale of the Lion King,” which debuts on June 7.


  • please bring it back for good. the new soarin around the world is not as magical.

  • I wish this could always be an option!

  • Please keep Soarin’ Over California for longer than a month. I guarantee you visitors will appreciate it.

  • Oh YES!!!!!! We do not care for the new one so this is SUPER EXCITING! And we will be there in June!!!! Please, please, please bring it back for longer!

  • Soarin-Around the World should only be shown at EPCOT. Soarin-Over California should always be presented at DCA!

  • Awesome! I agree with most here, keep Soarin’ Over California as a permanent replacement to the current film. Soarin’ Over California is a 1000 times better than the current film.

  • It’s the old story of you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Please keep Soarin’ over California in DCA, I don’t want to say goodbye to it again!

  • Oh, I am super bummed we won’t be there till October. I wish they could accommodate us by leaving 1 screen as Soarin’ Over CA. I do not like the new one very much. Soarin’ Over CA gives me all the warm and fuzzy feelings! Enjoy all you lucky ducks going to DL in June!!

  • This is great news!

  • Please also bring it back to EPCOT. Love that one so much more.

  • It should be permanent. The new one is not as beautiful and there’s so much cgi!

  • That’s great news. People obviously have fond memories of the original ride. I love both films equally. You should show one on each dome, and let people choose Soarin’ Over CA or Soarin’ Around The World. FOREVS

  • Please, please, please…extend this at least through the summer. Or, permanently would be nice, too. I very much miss the original film. Or, you have two theaters in that building…one side California, one side World?

  • I hope it gets extended!!! This version is SO much better than the current one! 💕

  • This is wonderful news!! I won’t complain at all if someone “forgets” to switch it back to the World version in July, and “accidentally” leaves it in California mode…. 😉 😉

  • Please make this permanent!

  • When I was a kid, We would sometimes go see Circle Vision 360 TWICE, once in the morning so we could see “WONDERS OF CHINA” and again in the afternoon to see “AMERICAN JOURNEYS” would be great to get some ride repeat-ability in Soarin if you could do that!

  • Make it permanent!

  • There are two theatres. Why not show Soarin over California on one side and Soarin over the World on the other side, permanently?

  • PLEASE keep Soaring Over California at least through the summer! LOVED seeing this when we first moved to California 5 years ago. It was so special and gave me an overview of this great state. However, I was disappointed when we brought our adult son out and saw the new film — something like that is similar to what is shown at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum or perhaps DisneyWorld / Epcot. I’m certain all of your visitors would appreciate having this unique Cali experience! We’re coming in late July, bringing our grand babies from the east coast for their first visit, and it’s the perfect film for DCA!

  • I miss California Adventure at WDW. It felt more like you were part of the adventure. Not a big fan of Soarin’ around the World.

  • Would it be possible to have one side soarin over the world and the other over california? Give guests a choice of flights?

  • First comment deleted-said it was a duplicate-it wasn’t as it was my only comment. I miss Soarin’ over California. More engaging and personal. I felt like I was in the trip instead of watching it.

  • When we first saw Soarin over the World, we were very disappointed because of the computer simulated images that are in it in some places like the false bears… Taj Mahal does not seem real also. Soarin over California is made of 100% real images and the scents make it more realistic also as if we were there. Keep it for good at Disney’s California Adventure and replace it also at EPCOT with something that does not have computer simulated images… Very disappointing that Disney would present something else than real images to its visitors.

  • Sad I’m going to miss it, I won’t be back at the park until September. I agree with others California Soarin is soooo much better than Soarin around the World. I wish Disney would Bring back the California version full time.

  • Oh yay! I just wish I was going to be there in June…please keep it longer! Maybe one show in each theatre?

  • Yay!!! I’m so excited the original CA ride is coming back!! Please keep this as the permanent ride!! It is so much more visually interesting than the around the world one and it makes it so much more unique for out if town visitors (and locals) to see the CA version. I always felt that the newer around the world version was kind of starionary like watching an IMAX in a rocking chair but the CA version made me feel like I was actually flying:)

  • Oh my goodness — you guys are killing me. We’re staying far away while GE opens and I’ve been dreaming of the day you’d bring this back. Can I kindly suggest it stays? Soarin’ Over the World pales in comparison.

  • If only they would keep it here, I think Soarin’ Around the World should be at Epcot and we should keep Soarin’ Over California at DCA. Soarin’ Over California is not only better than Soarin’ Around the World, it is also better for DCA!

  • PLEASE KEEP IT!!! It makes no sense at all to have Soarin’ Around the World in California Adventure Park!! Please take Soarin’ over California back to California and have the world-edition in EPCOT!! 🙂

  • This should stay…don’t really like the other version…

  • I wish they would alternate on a daily basis for the long term or something. The limited time stuff breaks my heart. Can never time it right.

  • Totally agree! Let Epcot tour the world. Soarin’ Over California is a much better fit.

  • Oh My God! Next month, the 27th, will be 3 years ago that my husband passed away. And he is in this film. We were at the Cast Christmas Party when the filming on Main Street was done, and when we went to the Cast Preview, there he was, just to the right of Santa, waving at the camera.
    I know I’ll be in tears, but just to be able to see it, but more importantly him, it will be truly special. Thank you for bringing it back, if only for a short time.

  • Would like to see it come back at both locations. At least periodically. More importantly, I would love to see Disney fix the horrible distortion in “Around the World, that occurs in group A or C seating. It makes the journey unrealistic! Eiffel never designed his tower to curve badly at the top! The Egyptians, even in ancient times, built the pyramids pretty straight! It just really ruins the experience!

  • Soarin’ Over California is SO MUCH BETTER then Soarin’ Around the World. If you don’t keep it, why not have it random like Star Tours with the possibility of getting either ride…

  • My daughter and I drove to all of the actual places in Soarin’ Over California. It was amazing to see these sights in person that we loved from experiencing the ride. It would be great to see this stay in Disney’s California Adventure permanently.
    We posted all stops on youtube Drivin’ Through California by Disnerd Oct 2014

  • Not to mindlessly echo everyone else here, but…yes, please bring the California version back permanently. With the exception of the now-very-outdated Disneyland flyover finale (why is Santa waving at me?), it’s a far superior experience.
    EVEN BETTER OPTION: Offer both versions in parallel, one in each theatre. Guests could choose their destination, Mission: Space style!

  • Soarin over California was perfect for Disney’s CALIFORNIA Adventure and so much better than the new feature. Please upgrade the film quality and make it a permanent replacement!

    P.S. The glory of the California feature was the emphasis on nature. The “world” feature is more about buildings/structures and is not as inspiring.

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep Soarin’ Over California running in California Adventure. The original footage is breathtaking. What better place to showcase the beauty of California than in the park that started it all. The rest of the Disney Parks can continue to show guests the wonders of the world. Although it is wonderful and usually much appreciated when successful rides and attractions can be duplicated in other Disney parks, Soarin’ Over California should be allowed to reclaim it’s place of honor.

  • Why does it always have to be “limited time” and why only for one month??? Soarin’ Over CALIFORNIA should stay in Disney CALIFORNIA Adventure Park! Keep Soarin’ Around the World in EPCOT.

  • Love the original Soarin’ — please bring it back anytime!

  • Please Please Please keep Soarin’ Over California in California. It is so much better than the new film. Keep that one in Epcot…. I don’t like the new film one bit.

  • Please keep it through the end of the year. Or Forever.

  • I agree with everyone…KEEP Soarin’ Over California! In the new Soarin’ no matter where I sit, all the monuments are ALWAYS “crooked”!! The Eiffel Tower, The Taj Mahal, The Pyramids, even the beloved Matterhorn! A BIG Thumbs down!
    I do enjoy the “scent-sory” aspect of the ride i.e. the dirt during the safari but NOTHING beats the smell of oranges from the original!

  • Please, please keep Soarin’ Over California permanently. It is the best fit and the best period for California Adventure. If you insist on removing it again please keep it longer than a month. I’ll be there in the Fall and I really want to see it again. It was always my favorite part of DCA.

  • Please keep it permanent (At DCA and Epcot both)! The new one is no where is good. Not often a wait at Epcot for it because no one cares.

  • Please keep Soarin’ Over California as a permanent fixture of DCA!

  • I also would love to see this come back permanently. The original Soarin’ is pure magic, and brought me to tears every time. I miss it deeply, and I’m so sad I won’t be able to catch this limited window of seeing it again.

  • Absolutely! In the case of the original vs. the new, you can’t improve on the original! I do hope Disney listens to its customers and will seriously consider that Soarin’ Over California belongs in California and should remain long past the June 30th promotion. Come on, Disney decision makers! Take a cue from those who sit in the ride seats rather than boardroom seats!

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