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Disney Invites Fans Whose Lives Have Been Touched by Star Wars to be the ‘First in the Galaxy’ at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Resort

Michael Ramirez

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

Thousands of guests now get to live their adventure at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at the Disneyland Resort. But few can say they were first in the galaxy to experience the new land.

Disney scoured the galaxy for fans whose lives have been touched by Star Wars. From the enterprising Christina Cato, a self-taught droid builder and philanthropist, to the cosplaying Perales family, to little Cora and her family, who gained Internet fame with their “Happiest Star Wars Reaction” video.

These guests were invited by Disney to be the first to explore Batuu—a planet found not so far away at the Disneyland Resort. They got to be the first to build their own droids, craft their own lightsabers, meet Chewbacca and fly the most legendary ship in the galaxy at Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge invites all guests across this earth (and others) to come live their adventure at the new land. With even more to taste, see and experience like Oga’s Cantina, where you can see Star Tours-famous DJ-R3X spinning, to Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, and the infamous Blue and Green Bantha Milk stand, fans will truly feel like they’re in a galaxy far, far away.


  • As a die-hard Ahsoka Tano fan, I would sell all my cosplay things and give up my next months of days off just to get a set of Ahsoka’s lightsabers to complete my cosplay. As a DVC member, trying to save up points till next year to be able to take my daughter to Disney for her 18th birthday and graduation so we can both experience Galaxy’s Edge. We both would love to be able to do celebration 2020 but I know when they make the announcement, people will jump so fast, we won’t even get a chance to get tickets for one day, let alone four. So I enjoy articles like this and others posting their experiences, cause it gives me a chance just to dream for a little while.

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