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Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders: Bring a Friend this Summer

Michael Ramirez

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

With summer in full swing, there has never been a better time to visit the Disneyland Resort than right now! The parks are filled with spectacular entertainment, new character encounters, exciting attractions and of course – adventures in a galaxy far, far away with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge now open. What better way to enjoy your summer visit than with a friend?

If you’re a Disneyland Resort Annual Passholder (or have a friend who’s one!), you’re in luck! Starting today through August 30, Annual Passholders can bring a friend to the Disneyland Resort with the purchase of a 1-Day Park Hopper ticket for $99.*

The Annual Passholder must accompany the guest on the first entry into a theme park on the day of purchase. If the Annual Passholder is blocked that day, they can take advantage of this offer by purchasing a ticket at this special price for both themselves and their friend.

Here’s just a few Disneyland Resort experiences to enjoy with your pals this summer:

Tickets may be purchased at the Disneyland Resort main gate. Tickets are valid only on day of purchase.

*Passholder must present valid Annual Passport at time of purchase and admission. (Government-issued photo ID may be required.) Tickets valid for use only on day of purchase—Passholder must accompany Guests into the first entry of a theme park that day. Offer ends August 30, 2019. May purchase up to three (3) tickets per Passholder per day at any Disneyland® Resort Ticket Booth. Tickets valid for ages 3 and above and may not be sold or transferred for commercial use. Offer may not be combined with other ticket discounts or promotions. Subject to capacity, restrictions and change without notice.


  • I understand that as a pass holder I must purchase and accompany my guests into the park, but is it necessary for the payment method to match the name of the pass holder? Is my guest allowed to pay with her credit card or is mine, as the pass holder required?

  • It says government ID may be required… is that for the passholder or the friend they’re buying the ticket for?

  • Does anyone know how much more extra it is to purchase a fast pass with this deal?

  • Asking this question again. Not sure if the question has already been answered.

    Does anyone know if the guests that I will be purchasing the $99 tickets need to be at the ticket booth with me when I buy their tickets, or do they only need to enter the park with me one the discounted tickets are purchased?

  • This deal is better than a one day non park hopper.

    All the questions people keep asking are answered if they read the article.

  • I’ve been a pass holder for over 10 years. Not only is my Deluxe pass now blocked out during July (summer is the only reason I buy Deluxe and not a cheaper pass), but I never heard about this deal. I was at the park last week and overheard another pass holder talking about it. I asked a Cast Member and got the deal, but totally by accident. Come on, Disneyland. You can do better.

  • Did anyone else know that they can change the dates you can come into the park if
    You have a Deluxe pass? Got here only to be denied at the gate and told they can change the dates at any time, 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • I have an annual pass. Can I use this for myself and NOT also for a friend? I’m going by myself but I’m DL blocked, CA open and I’d like to go to both if I can.

  • This a great deal! I was able to take my son, husband & mom for only $99 each!
    No you cannot purchase the discounted tickets online – booth purchase only.
    Yes you can link them to your account & purchase Max Pass for fast pass access.

  • I see the questions but no answers? sorry new here.

    so good thru 8/30/2019 correct?

  • Does this discount apply to a single park or is it just for park hopper?

  • Can my friend use this guest ticket as a down payment for an annual pass?

  • Guys, READ the article.

    1. You can purchase up to (3) tickets per pass holder, per day. So you can purchase 3 tickets today and 3 tickets tomorrow and the next day etc.
    2. MaxPass can be added, not noted here but I can confirm they can.
    3. Tickets must be purchased at the gate
    4. Pass holder must be present with the guests at the first time of entry. Your guest will get their photo taken the first time the ticket is scanned.
    5. The ticket can be upgraded to an annual pass

  • She it says through August 30th, that means we can use them the 30th right?

  • Does anyone know if the guests that I will be purchasing the $99 tickets need to be at the ticket booth with me when I buy their tickets, or do they only need to enter the park with me one the discounted tickets are purchased?

  • Can my friend use this guest ticket as a down payment for an annual pass??

  • What the limit 3 a day or 3 in total

  • Can i purchase the tickets online with my annual pass?

  • Can I use my Disney gift card to purchase tickets with this offer?

  • Can a Maxpass be purchased with the Take a Friend tickets?

  • Can we purchase these Guest tickets with the Disney app linked to our annual pass? Or do we have to go to the ticket booths to purchase them?

  • Can I bring a friend for more than one day at this special price?

  • All the questions are already answered in the article 😉 and no there’s not a non hopper option. This price is lower than a one park ticket on a peak day anyways!

  • I would have to “pay” when my annual pass is blocked? -Bummer, I was hoping to go in free by bringing up to three people.

  • How many friends can you bring at one visit..Is it just one or can someone bring 3 friends..?

  • Sorry–I see now in the fine print it is 3 tickets per pass per day. That should be in the actual article–it is an important point.

  • Is it limited to one ticket per annual pass? For the entire period?

  • So excited! Just one question, does that mean we can only bring a friend one time that same day or can we come back other days and bring another friend?

  • Title should read…
    ” Discount tickets for Annual Passport holder this summer”.

  • Great news and it says “1-Day Park Hopper ticket for $99.”

  • Is there a non hopper option? Or is it the only one at special price?

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