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Now You Can Bring Out Your Inner Mixologist and Make Disney Cruise Line’s Prestige Cocktail

Melanie Hager

by , Public Relations Manager, Disney Cruise Line

One of the things you can always count on when sailing with Disney is the opportunity to taste a variety of wine and spirits, including inventive cocktails, rare vintages of wine, craft beer and exclusive Champagne labels. Indulging in an adult beverage is an experience on its own, one that often matches the venue you’re enjoying.

Located inside The District on the Disney Dream, Pink is an elegant and upscale cocktail bar serving top-shelf liquor, wine and Champagne. Pink’s menu is inspired by the Disney classic film “Dumbo,” but despite the bar’s name and theming, not all of the drinks are pink or bubbly—though if that’s your thing, you have plenty of options!

One of the guest-favorites at Pink is the Prestige, a hand-crafted cocktail with spiced rum, amaro liqueur, Coca-Cola, hibiscus sugar and lime. So refreshing! If your inner mixologist is eager to come out, take a look at this video to see how it’s made.