Summer Shines Even Brighter at Disneyland Resort with Return of Main Street Electrical Parade

Michael Ramirez

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

If you didn’t think summer at the Disneyland Resort could get any better, you may want to sit down for this. An all-time fan favorite, a “spectacular festival pageant of nighttime magic and imagination,” is coming back to Disneyland park for a limited-time encore engagement! That’s right, the Main Street Electrical Parade, along with its half-million sparkling lights and “electro-syntho-magnetic musical sounds” will once again create magical summer memories for guests of all ages.

This limited-time encore engagement is set to begin on Aug. 2 with nightly performances through Sept. 30.

Main Street Electrical Parade

Disneyland Resort is the destination to visit this summer! Explore new adventures along Pixar Pier and enjoy spectacular entertainment like “Tale of the Lion King” in Disney California Adventure park. Admire the beautifully refurbished Sleeping Beauty Castle and experience a whole new land – Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland park.


  • I will plan my next Disney park vacation depending if this electrical parade will be there. I wont do Disney without it. I did it once and didnt realize it wasnt there and it was so dissapointing. So Ill be careful about that next time.

  • I planned my first trip to Disneyland in September just for this parade! It is a favorite for my son and I! We have extremely fond memories of seeing the parade at Walt Disney World, and my heart aches with pure Joy that we get to share the experience once again!

  • Wish Disney world would bring this parade back. Disney doesn’t even have a night time parade. Never been to Disneyland but sure thinking about it.

  • I will never understand why so many people like MSEP. They must not have kids. Our kids started out on Paint the Night and they LOVED it. Then they brought back MSEP and our kids were so disappointed. PtN is objectively better in every way unless you are there purely for nostalgia.

  • Great news the Main Street Electrical Parade will be in Disneyland this summer August 2nd through September 30th I will be there can’t wait I’ve seen the parade over a hundred fifty times I’ve seen it in Tokyo Disneyland Disneyland Paris Walt Disney World Disney’s California Adventure and Disneyland

  • We just went for my parents 50th wedding anniversary… mom and dad went 50 years ago for there honeymoon and of course as kids went back many times since. But we are definitely going back for MSEP!!! No doubt!!! Wouldn’t miss it!!

  • What wonderful news!! This parade is such a part of my childhood in the 80s and 90s. So glad it’s coming HOME to Disneyland!! Please keep bringing this classic back!!!

  • This is wonderful news…will there be any dining packages or other methods for obtaining reserved seating other than by way of a VIP tour? Thanks!

  • So looking forward to this- thank you for bringing it back!!!!

  • So, I thought “change is good.” If change is good, wouldn’t it be time for Paint the Night to come back? I get the love or nostalgia from others for this parade but it has been going on off and on for a while now. Paint the Night is the newer version of Main Street Electrical Parade and many guests still have not seen it. Paint the night will become a new classic for all guests!

  • One thing I think people are loosing sight of that sets Disneyland apart from the rest is its history, it’s originality, and it’s vintage/classical feel. I am a HUGE fan of the Main Street Electrical Parade, my phone case is MSEP, my ringtones, I listen to the soundtrack.. the list goes on. What I love is it brings to life all of our CLASSIC Disney favorites! You don’t see much of that anymore but those are the stories that started it all and won our hearts. I think they need to bring back the FULL Main Street Electrical Parade with the original floats like the blue fairy, dumbo, Pinocchio, ect. I think this parade belongs in Disneyland permanently. It brings everyone back in time which I think is a huge factor of what the Disneyland experience is. I did like the Paint The Night Parade but I think it’s very fitting that it’s in Disney World as Disney World is the park for new age magic. Let’s keep our precious Disneyland historical. Remember it’s the ONLY park the has Walt’s full touch and the ONLY park he walked foot steps on. (He died while Disney World was being built)

  • 7 days too late!! Oh I hope they extend it!! It’s my favorite!!

  • …It should be noted that Paint the Night includes The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, so it’s not all modern stuff.

    It’s nice that people will be able to see The Main Street Electrical Parade again, but I would love to see Paint the Night return.

  • Oh man! This is my all time favorite thing in the whole universe. I just got back to the east coast 9 days ago from a long Disneyland trip. Why couldn’t this happen sooner?! Long live the MSEP! By the way….I love this, but the original 1970’s version of the music is much better. 😉

  • I wish they would bring paint the night parade back for July. The music in the electrical parade is outdated and annoying.

  • Oh my gosh! I’m soooooo happy!!! I love Paint the Night, but there’s nothing like the original MSEP! I wonder if I wish upon a star, could it still be there when I come in November???

  • They need this parade year round! Would be a great addition to the holiday lineup as well. They should offer a parade such as Soundsational or Fantasy Parade during the day, then Main Street Electrical Parade at night. Such a great parade!

  • OMG!!!! This is so exciting! Will there be a dining package?

  • Though MSEP brings back a lot of memories, they should make Paint the Night permanent.

  • Great news. Although SpectroMagic is my favorite night parade of all time, I love MSEP. I always find myself whistling or humming Baroque Hoedown. I love the representation of classic movies from Walt’s era in MSEP (whereas PTN movie selection is too modern and Pixar heavy). MSEP should be permanent or bring it back to Florida.

  • Will Paint the Night ever return to Disneyland park?

  • I would love to see this return to Walt Disney World. It was one of the best events there. It should continue!

  • This is the best announcement I could ever want to hear! My first trip back to Disneyland since moving to Florida in 2003 is coming up this September! Thank you for bringing my childhood favorite home for my return to Disneyland!

  • I’m excited, it’s my favorite parade…which side will it be on Disneyland or Disney California?

  • I agree. This should be permanent.

  • Enough with MSEP. Paint the Night should come back.

  • Where is Paint The Night?

  • Yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • While I’m happy for those that didn’t get to see this in 2017….Is there any plans to bring paint the night back soon?

  • Will there be a dining package?

  • This is AWESOME! This is my favorite parade ever, it just feels so nostalgic, so magical. This is the best news I have heard in a long time!

  • This is fantastic news.

    I am seriously excited to get to be able to see it again…this will be the highlight of the Summer at Disneyland!

  • A nighttime parade at WDW again, please. It would be great to have it back in Florida for year 50–and beyond!!

  • Just for a month? Why not just keep it? It belongs home

  • So excited to see this again! Still sad that Paint The Night went away, but this is pretty classic.

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