Celebrate 50 Years of the Haunted Mansion with a New Exhibit ‘Happy Haunts Materialize’ at Disneyland Park

Michael Ramirez

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

The beloved Haunted Mansion attraction at Disneyland park celebrates 50 years of happy haunts this August. To add to the frightful fun, check out the new exhibit at the Disney Gallery: “Happy Haunts Materialize.”

Haunted Mansion exhibit at the Disney Gallery in Disneyland park

The exhibit gives you a behind-the-scenes look into the concept state of the Haunted Mansion. This “ghoul-ery” displays very early sketches and sculptures of the Haunted Mansion concept and shares how they evolved into what you experience today. Designs featuring original ideas for the Haunted Mansion line the walls, including concepts for the walk-through attraction that the Haunted Mansion was going to be. 

As you continue through the gallery, you’ll come across ideas that were never used, but inspired the Haunted Mansion that we know and love today. Among them are art portraits originally designed for the Portrait Hallway in the attraction. The portraits feature Dracula and Daphne from the Greek myth of Daphne and Apollo. Much like their counterparts in the attraction, these portraits were also designed to change appearance. In the center of the exhibit, you can see the figures that were created as models for the actual ghosts and ghouls we see in the attraction today. Seeing these happy haunts out of their phantom state may give you a fright!

Continue your celebration with the grim grinning ghosts at a special after-hours event for the Haunted Mansion. In August, “The Haunted Mansion: Celebrating 50 Years of Retirement Unliving” invites you to gather at 13th hour where Madame Leota will make a special appearance to conjure up the happy haunting. At this separate ticket event, enjoy themed food and beverages, after-hours access to select attractions in New Orleans Square, Frontierland and Adventureland, special estate merchandise, photo opportunities and lively entertainment featuring musicians, dancers and performers from beyond the grave. Learn more about the event, details and pricing, including how to purchase tickets here.

Celebrate 50 years of spook-tacular fun with the Haunted Mansion at the Disneyland Resort. Come for a fright, stay for the delight!


  • Looks cool any idea how long it will be there? I won’t be coming to visit until November. Thanks

  • How long will the exhibit at the Disney Gallery be open? I’ll be in Disneyland in early September, and I’d love to see it!

  • Hi,

    Very excited to see this exhibit. Do you have any information on when the Haunted Mansion will close for the Halloween overlay? We were planning to come in late August for the 50th anniversary, but are now worried that the shutdown will affect us. Thanks!

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