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#DisneyKids: Kilimanjaro Safaris Offers Lion’s Share of Fun for Little Ones

Michelle Baumann

by , Walt Disney World Public Relations

It seems like yesterday when the original Disney’s “The Lion King” animated film was released. I can still remember how awestruck I was with the music, animation and a storyline about the battle for Pride Rock. Now 25 years later the remake stirs up my emotions in a much more powerful way. The film’s realism reveals the majesty of the lion, as well as the wondrous creatures in nature. 

If your little cub embraces the king of beasts and all animals, take them to Kilimanjaro Safaris at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Here, they can board a rugged safari vehicle and behold a stately African lion perched on the grasslands. They can also spot hippos, giraffes, rhinos, cheetahs, crocs, and so much more. The safari is a good way to instill a love of nature at an early age, and teach about the crisis facing lions and other wildlife across Africa. Disney is committed to supporting the Wildlife Conservation Network’s Lion Recovery Fund with the “Protect the Pride Campaign.”  July 19 – 25, Disney Conservation Fund will donate $2 (up to $350,000) for every guest who rides Kilimanjaro Safaris in support of the Lion Recovery Fund. 

Watch as these little ones have a roaring good time aboard the safari, and support the cause.