‘Mickey and Friends Band-Tastic Cavalcade’ Starts Limited Run at Disneyland Park July 18

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

For a very limited time this summer, Mickey Mouse and his friends are joining the world-famous Disneyland Band for special performances of “Mickey and Friends Band-Tastic Cavalcade.”

This delightful procession, featuring live music and a host of favorite Disney characters, takes place twice daily along the parade route at Disneyland park. The march steps off in grand style, complete with colorfully adorned Main Street, U.S.A. vehicles, and continues through the park with stops for special show moments where guests can dance and clap along with their fantastic friends.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse will be there, along with Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto and a parade of rarely seen Disney characters. Some of the beloved Disney friends who could appear in the cavalcade from day to day may include Peter Pan and Captain Hook, Genie and Aladdin, King Louie, Terk, Marie and more. You never know who you might see!

“Mickey and Friends Band-Tastic Cavalcade” starts July 18 at Disneyland Park and only runs through August 1, so come and check it out while you have the chance. And be sure to mark your calendars for August 2 for the limited-time encore engagement of the one-and-only Main Street Electrical Parade!


  • Hi! Could you tell me the times of day the cavalcade will be appearing, or is that information not available yet? 🙂

  • I am so happy to hear about this! I was sad to hear about soundsational ending.

  • Great to see all of the different characters! Will this be coming to Disney World?

  • Our pass got blocked out 😭

  • Sound fantastic performance!! But PLEASE do this performance much longer…

  • Is there no day time parade after August 2?!! I’m visiting from the UK in late August with my kids and they are going to be sooooo disappointed to hear this…

  • This sounds like a very exciting time!

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