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Takumi-Tei Restaurant Now Open in Japan Pavilion at Epcot

Alex Dunlap

by , Food & Beverage Communications Coordinator

If you’re looking for a new and unique place to dine this summer, then I have some exciting news for you: Takumi-Tei is officially open at Epcot! Located in World Showcase, the new signature table-service restaurant is the latest addition to the Japan pavilion. Here you will enjoy an upscale dining experience with exceptional and specialized service tailored to the unique atmosphere this restaurant provides.

The entire Takumi-Tei experience is focused on giving you a better understanding of Japanese culture, as explained to you by the Japanese cultural representatives. From the moment you walk in to the moment you put down your chopsticks for the last time, you will feel as if you’ve been transported to the island nation and will learn about Japanese traditions and their connection to the natural world. 

In addition to an incredible prix fixe multi-course tasting menu and a chef’s table experience, the dinner menu highlights wagyu beef in a sublime setting along with sushi, sashimi, unique desserts, signature cocktails, premium sake and much more.

Appetizers from Takumi-Tei at Epcot

Start your meal with appetizers like Teien (meaning “garden” and featuring compressed watermelon and tuna sashimi), Nikomi Wagyu (braised wagyu short rib with roasted bone marrow), or Hama no Kani (“Crab on the Beach” featuring crab tossed in a light ponzu sauce as well whole toasted crab). For a vegetarian option, you can dine on the Agedashi Tofu with fried silken tofu, brown butter black rice and shimeji mushroom.

Entrées from Takumi-Tei at Epcot

Entrées include exquisite dishes like Kamo Rosu and Takumi Gyuniku. The Kamo Rosu features roasted marinated duck with kabocha squash, edamame beans, Japanese mizuna, cured duck egg yolk, and a grape reduction. The Takumi Gyuniku, or artisan beef, shines the spotlight on a Japanese A-5 wagyu beef tenderloin with leek sauce, warishita, short rib gyoza, roast cippolini onion, curried potato, and seasonal mushroom. 

Sushi from Takumi-Tei at Epcot

For the sushi and sashimi lovers, there are some delicious options. On the Maki Sushi menu, you’ll find Mozaiku (featuring tuna, yellowtail and asparagus). You can also try the Temari Sushi featuring a chef-selected assortment of oceanic delicacies. Or if sashimi is more your style, the Takumi Sashimi entrée features tuna, toro, salmon, yellowtail, uni and ikura.

Suiren Dani Dessert from Takumi-Tei at Epco

Of course, there’s always room for dessert! Two choice selections include Kumo (yuzu cheesecake, spiced kabocha, orange yuzu gel and blackberry sake) or Suiren Dani (Water Lilly Valley featuring Japanese water cake, rose, kuromitsu and kinako crumb).

Specialty Cocktails from Takumi-Tei at Epcot

You will also find an extensive beverage menu with premium sake, wine, beer and cocktails. Specialty cocktails are themed to each of the five dining rooms and include Kochi (Joto Yuzu citrus sake, rum, fresh mint, yuzu juice and orange), Raiju (Haku Japanese vodka, spiced ginger beer and lime), Sakurajima (Japanese whisky sour smoked with cherrywood), and Kami (Roku gin, Sayuri “White Lilly” Nigori sake, calipco and lychee). 

As of today, Takumi-Tei is open for dinner in the Japan pavilion at Epcot starting at 4 p.m. daily. Walk-ups are currently being accepted, and reservations will be available beginning July 16, 2019, with bookings starting that same day. For more information, visit the Walt Disney World Resort website or call (407) WDW-DINE. To make reservations for the Chef’s Table Dining Experience, call Mitsukoshi directly at (407) 827-8504.


  • I booked the restaurant today!! I am so excited to take my family there!! This is a style called Kaiseki-ryori. My wife is Japanese and she found it upsetting that some people suggested what the chef should cook on the comments. Kaiseki multi course meals are designed around the seasons. In Japan you never suggest but you try what is set before you to experience an wonderful meal you have never tried before.

  • This restaurant sounds and looks delightful. Why doesn’t the Disney site allow reservations? It just says “more information on how to book coming soon!”

  • Will they be accepting the Disney Dining Plan?

  • I think I would enjoy every single morsel of every single option you have shown here – they look incredibly elegant and delectable!

  • It would be nice to have some plant based or vegan options.

  • Why does the middle piece of food in the top picture scare me?

  • I had the pleasure of eating here July 2nd, the atmosphere along with the meal were outstanding. I highly recommend the roast duck. Along with the cheesecake for desert. Would have loved to try the water cake but was all gone.

  • This sounds and looks amazing! Does the restaurant have windows or a view?

  • Oh my goodness!! My love of Japanese cuisine and these photos already has me drooling!! I will be there in November, and hope I can snag a reservation as soon as they pop in as available! Thank you for another World Showcase fine dining location!

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