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Visit Disneyland Resort Now to Experience the Magic of Limited-Time Offerings

Michael Ramirez

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

The Disneyland Resort is always providing guests with exciting ways to experience the magic of Disney. This summer has certainly been no exception. From a fantastic stage show to an illuminating fireworks spectacular, this is your last chance to experience these five, limited-time offerings at the Disneyland Resort:

Soarin’ Over California

1. Soarin’ Over California 

If you have ever wanted to see all of the amazing sights California has to offer, now is your final chance to do so at Disney California Adventure park. Soarin’ Over California takes you on a flight to enjoy a bird’s-eye view over the Golden State — from San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge to the crashing waves in Malibu. This memorable journey will be grounded on Aug. 31.

 “Disneyland Forever” Fireworks

2. “Disneyland Forever” Fireworks

The street-to-sky celebration features sparkling pyrotechnics, immersive projections and other effects that transform Disneyland park into a magical canvas. You will literally be surrounded by timeless Disney stories — from soaring over London with Peter Pan one moment, to journeying across Simba’s Pride Lands the next. Disney magic stays with you forever, but this nighttime spectacular comes to an end on Sept. 2. 

“Tale of the Lion King”

3. “Tale of the Lion King” 

This stage show celebrates the characters and music of Disney’s “The Lion King” in an imaginative and unique way. The Storytellers of the Pride Lands retells the tale through language, song and dance. Enjoy new musical arrangements of favorite songs, accompanied by live drumming and singing, along with the set and costumes which celebrates the cultural roots of this beloved story. Stampede on over to Disney California Adventure before Sept. 2.

Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration

4. Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration 

Enjoy a unique, pop-up experience at Downtown Disney District celebrating the legendary mouse that started it all! You’re invited to step inside nine different imaginatively themed rooms where multi-dimensional art and vibrant, visual displays salute Mickey Mouse — from his classic beginnings as a cartoon to Mickey-inspired treats. Tickets for the experience must be purchased online, in advance. Pop in before Sept. 2 while you still can!

"Main Street Electrical Parade”, Disneyland park

5. “Main Street Electrical Parade” 

This beloved parade just returned to Disneyland park and is once again bringing light to your life. The iconic “Main Street Electrical Parade” radiates a sense of wonder, joy and – for some – warm nostalgia. This spectacular pageant of nighttime magic and imagination with half-million sparkling lights and “electro-syntho-magnetic musical sounds” travels down Main Street, U.S.A. nightly. Come and witness this piece of Disneyland history before it “glows” away on Sept. 30.

When you visit the Disneyland Resort to soak up the last of this limited-time magic, be sure to check out other magical experiences—from traveling to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland park to enjoying Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure park.


  • Soarin Over CA needs to stay in California Adventure. Soarin over the World definitely isn’t as good. People come from all over the world to experience California. I’m very disappointed that it won’t be staying. Please reconsider.

  • Oh no! We are coming to visit next year from New Zealand especially to ride Soaring over California. It’s the best ride on site. It’s incredible. We took the ride in 2008 and are heading back to ride it – apparently not.

  • I agree. I’m sad to see California being removed from California Adventure. Please try to continue making it more California.

  • Please keep Soarin over California. It’s our favorite

  • I definitely think Soarin of California should stay. The park is called California Adventure. Make Soarin of the world the once a year guest appearance like that of hyperspace mountain. Please leave some of California in California Adventure.

  • Pretty please keep Soarin Over California longer! At least until the end of September. We love it so much more than the new version.

  • I’m so disappointed to learn Soarin Over California will be ending August 31. This was what I was looking forward to most when we’re there next month. It’s my favorite version and I was hoping to experience it multiple times. PLEASE keep it around.

  • Please keep Soarin’ over California! Fits the park much much better than world!
    Let the electrical parade glow away and bring back Paint the Night!!

  • Soarin’ Over California must stay. This is California, and the park is Disney’s California Adventure (and so sad that it’s becoming less and less about CA). Soarin’ Over the World belongs in EPCOT and Walt Disney WORLD………Soarin’ Over California belongs in CALIFORNIA.

  • This, of course, begs the question– what will replace these offerings? Do tell house of Mouse…

  • I think we should keep Soaring Over California permanently. It is the original and it is in California Adventure Park! Let all the other parks have Soaring Over the World.

  • I sure hope Soarin Over California sticks around a lot longer.

  • Please please please keep Soarin Over CA indefinitely (or at least a few more months)!

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