Celebrate Fall With Our Halloween Candy Wallpaper

Simone Miranda

by , Creative Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

I know someone whose absolute favorite holiday is Halloween. In fact, you know her too…Disney Parks Blog artist, Brittany Ungvarsky!

While brainstorming for Halloween, we stumbled on a fun concept – use candy to make spooky art. Brittany actually squealed in joy at the idea.

See if you can guess what type of candy she used to build this sickeningly sweet (yes, I just did that) rendition of Snow White’s poison apple.

You can download this new wallpaper to your desktop or mobile device. Please be sure to read out terms of use before downloading.

As a bonus, check out a cool behind-the-scenes video @disneyparksblog on Instagram!


  • Such a cute wallpaper, but the link takes me to an adorable snowman on a beach. ⛄️ 🏖

  • This looks amazing!!!… but the links aren’t working.
    The desktop sends you to the mobile, and the mobile sends you to a sand snowman wallpaper.

  • Did she use nerds to make the apple? And colored sugar for the yellow parts?

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