Find your #HappyPlace: The ‘Best Eats’ at the Disney Springs Neighborhoods – The Landing

Aubrey Gravante

by , Public Relations Director, Disney Parks

Last week we introduced you to our 4-part video series highlighting the food and beverages of Disney Springs, with our first video focusing on Marketplace. This week we visit our second neighborhood, The Landing. 

Craving a slice of Sicilian-style classic mozzarella? Pizza Ponte can offer you a pizza that action. For those who prefer a more al fresco dining experience, build your own picnic basket at The Basket by Wine Bar George and enjoy it anywhere in The Landing. You can brie creative! Cap it off with a refreshing cocktail at Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar where you’re likely to discover seasonal, limited-time beverage offerings.

Don’t forget to look for more videos showcasing the food and beverages of Disney Springs. Is your #HappyPlace craving any delicious dining from The Landing? Let us know!