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Go Behind the Scenes on the Music for ‘Epcot Forever’

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Epcot Forever,” an all-new nighttime spectacular that takes guests on a journey through the years and into the future, opens October 1, 2019, as part of the transformation of Epcot. The show will bring World Showcase Lagoon to life with a spark of imagination that quickly grows into an epic spectacle of fireworks, lighting, lasers, special effects kites, and an incredible musical score.

In the words of Disney Parks Live Entertainment show director Alan Bruun, “Music is the soul of the show, because music has been the soul of Epcot ever since it began.”

From “Magic Journeys” and “Tomorrow’s Child” to “Listen to the Land” and “One Little Spark,” “Epcot Forever” features classic Epcot themes produced in fresh new arrangements. The music was recorded by the legendary London Symphony Orchestra at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios, with vocals performed by a talented choir of singers from across Central Florida.

Here’s a look behind the scenes at how the music for “Epcot Forever” came together.

The Disney Parks Live Entertainment team is putting the finishing touches on the show to get ready for opening night, with everyone from audio engineers to special effects designers working around the clock to get everything just right.

Check back with us here on Disney Parks Blog for more on the making of “Epcot Forever,” as the show prepares to make its grand debut on October 1.


  • I cant wait!

  • How long is Epcot Forever going to be running for?

    I would love <3 to see this new and limited time spectacular next year in the Summer of 2020.

  • Love all of the “old” Epcot songs. I really hope we will be able to buy a cd of this.

  • When the kids came on, there were tears of joy. Absolutely stunning. PLEASE make the final recording available on Apple Music!

  • It looks and sounds fantastic. I hope Disney Parks blog will live stream the show at some point, so those of us who do not live anywhere near (!) Florida can see it.

  • I am extremely excited about this new “Epcot Forever” experience. I’m saving up for a big Disney Cruise in Summer 2020, but I may have to make a quick trip to my Disney Vacation Club Home Resort just to enjoy Epcot Forever!

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