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It’s Your Last Chance to See ‘IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth’ at Epcot

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

After a dazzling 20-year run, we’ll soon be bidding a fond farewell to “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth” at Epcot. Begun as part of the Millennium Celebration, which started in October 1999, this nighttime spectacular has touched the hearts and minds of millions of guests over the past two decades. Personally, this show is very special to me and my wife, Laurel. We saw it on our first date back in 2000 and later got married at Epcot, so every time we see the show, it brings back a flood of memories.

If you love “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth” too, you still have a few more nights left to catch this classic Epcot show before its final performance on September 30, 2019. So gather around World Showcase Lagoon for your last chance to enjoy this breathtaking display of lasers, lights and fireworks – and don’t forget to pick up “IllumiNations” merchandise as well (check out this previous blog post for details).

With the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival taking place right now, we’ll definitely be heading out to the park to make a new memory with “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth,” and we’re looking forward to the October 1 debut of the all-new fireworks spectacular, “Epcot Forever.”

I hope you’ll join us in embracing the future… and all the magical possibilities to come. What are your favorite memories of “IllumiNations,” and what are you looking forward to with “Epcot Forever?” Let us know in the comments!


  • I watched both the final Illuminations, Reflections of Earth and the first Epcot Forever via live stream, and though I enjoyed Epcot Forever and will get the chance to see it live at the parks in December, I cannot see anything ever equaling Reflections of Earth. The musical score is amazing, and brings me to tears just listening to it. Music happens to be my career, so the music is very important to me. I have visited Epcot 31 times since 1983, and by far the most impressive show has been RoE. I will look forward to the permanent show,Harmonious in the future, but it’s going to be a daunting task to top Reflections of Earth.

  • Shawn, any chance of a live stream of the last show of Illuminations? I agree with the others, would be amazing to see.

  • I agree 100% with Marcus…PLEASE live stream the last showing of Illuminations…..

  • Will you live stream the last performance of Illuminations on Disney Parks LIVE? Please?

  • My Disney-inspired guess: They’ll give IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth the same treatment as the Main Street Electrical Parade– meaning it’ll come back a few times in the years to come to make (happily received) encores. It’s just too good not to! Other examples to make encores: Remember… Dreams Come True, and Paint the Night. You heard it here first folks 🙂

  • After a delicious family dinner at Epcot’s Garden Grill, my thoughtful mother took my little ones back to our Disney hotel so my husband and I could watch Illuminations and enjoy Epcot’s Extra Magic Hours. It was such a nice experience holding his hand and reminiscing about the many years that we have enjoyed that nighttime show together. Saying goodbye to one of our favorite evening entertainment events is bittersweet, but I am really looking forward to experiencing “Epcot Forever” with my children and creating lots of new endearing memories.

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