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Moms Panel Monday: Disney Youth Programs Offer Students the Opportunity to Learn While at the Same Time Enjoying a Magical Getaway

Lisa Mendillo

by , Communications Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Summer break has come to an end and it’s time for reading, writing, problem-solving and Disney. Yes, Walt Disney World Resort, and the Disneyland Resort, just happen to be one of the best field trip destinations for students!

In 1979, Walt Disney World Resort began offering educational programs to Guests, which covered four subjects. Fast forward to 2019 and now Disney Youth Programs provide a variety of educational opportunities through its Disney Youth Education Series classes. 27 courses are available at Walt Disney World Resort, and 12 at Disneyland Resort.

Being a former teacher, one of my favorite Walt Disney quotes is ‘We have always tried to be guided by the basic idea that, in discovery of knowledge, there is great entertainment – as, conversely, in all good entertainment there is always some grain of wisdom, humanity, or enlightenment to be gained,’” explains Disney Parks Moms Panelist, Eean. “To me, this sums up Walt’s vision when he created Disneyland Resort, which was conceived out of a desire for a safe place where parents and children could both have fun and learn at the same time.” 

Offered year-round, seven days a week, these Disney Youth Program courses meet most National Core Standards, and cover topics such as leadership, arts & humanities, applied sciences, and environmental studies. Classes are offered for elementary aged students through college and are the perfect choice for public and private schools as well as homeschooled students, charter schools, scouts and other youth groups.

“As we all know, kids learn best by doing, and theories introduced in the classroom come to life when experienced in authentic situations,” Eean explains. “What educator wouldn’t want to teach potential and kinetic energy using Space Mountain as their inspiration? And this is exactly what happened in the Properties of Motion Physics Lab.

Disney Youth Programs at Magic Kingdom Park

In the Lab, students learn to define speed, velocity, and acceleration, demonstrate gravitational effects, and discuss Newton’s first law of motion after riding Space Mountain … with the lights on and then with the lights off! Students even work 

in teams to create a coaster using a marble as the ride vehicles and even crash test dummies.

In the Energy and Waves Physics Lab,  students learn about the properties of light. Armed with new knowledge, participants venture to the Haunted Mansion. Upon the conclusion of the ride, students make observations and are led to witness some amazing backstage magic. Eean, who was able to be a part of this session, called it best day of school ever!

Another component of Disney Youth Programs is the Disney Performing Arts Workshops. Parents of children with theater backgrounds will definitely want to check this program out. Here students participate in a 90-minute triple-threat workshop of singing, dancing, and acting of one of Disney’s most beloved stage shows, Mary Poppins. Attendees learn blocking, choreography, and characterization. 

“There’s a lot of knowledge packed in these three-hour classes, but the fantastic thing about the Disney Youth Programs is that the learning is meaningful and engaging, and it all happens in the most magical classroom in the ‘World,’” Eean exclaims! “And what could be better than that!”

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