New Entertainment Headed to Frontierland and The Golden Horseshoe at Disneyland Park

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Since opening in 1955, Frontierland has played host to a wide range of variety acts, from heroes on horseback to comedians and can-can dancers. This fall, Disneyland park guests can look forward to some new entertainment on the western front.

A strolling magician arrives in town next week, with astonishing demonstrations of sleight-of-hand. During the fall season, this master of magic can be found on the streets of Frontierland, aboard the Mark Twain steamboat or mingling with patrons inside The Golden Horseshoe.

Following later in the fall, The Golden Horseshoe lays out the welcome mat for a pair of piano players, ready to challenge one another in a good ol’ fashioned showdown. They’ll take turns playing iconic tunes of the Old West and even take requests from the audience. Think you can stump them? You’ll have to stop in and give it your best shot!

So mosey on over to Frontierland and The Golden Horseshoe this fall and say, “Hello, everybody!” These new performers will be mighty glad to meet you!


  • Are there any ‘live’ Cowboys anymore in Frontierland? I don’t recall seeing any for a while now… Maybe there could be a Woody’s Western Roundup show on the Golden Horsehoe stage… Seems like it would be a logical fit. Frontierland needs to set itself apart from the other more extravagant lands. Live entertainment could be that thing.

  • Umm, where are the dueling pianos? Fall is almost over and we still haven’t seen them arrive.

  • We met Brian yesterday, and he was THE BEST magician we’ve ever seen. We have visited Las Vegas shows and even the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, and nothing compares to Brian’s slight of hand. Wow! What a fun and creative addition to Frontierland!

  • What time of day does the magician start?

  • I love visiting the Golden Horseshoe and checking out the tribute photo to Wally Boag, Betty Taylor, and Fulton Burley.

  • A shame they don’t still have the real stage shows in this theater. Dueling pianos is cute, but not what the Golden Horseshoe was created for.

  • what about a new versios of the golden horseshoe revue that was such a classic back in the day and it was one of Walt’s favorite shows at the park

  • The laughing stock co would be so much better.

  • I hope that no more musical entertainment is cut!

  • This sounds good, to bad so many other things had to be cut to bring this.

  • The dueling pianos sound great and very “Roger Rabbit,” but I’m deeply disappointed to hear about other entertainment cuts, particularly the Muppets Great Moments in History show at the Magic Kingdom. That is one of the most clever, funny shows at Disney, a great use of characters that aren’t showcased as much as they deserve, and so much fun to unexpectedly stumble upon. That’s what makes Disney so wonderful and unique: these magical, unplanned surprise performances and interactions. I hope the show is reinstated, or there are other plans for the Muppets in the works. Any theme park has rides. Please don’t cut the things that make Disney special.

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