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Prepping for Pirate Night on a Disney Cruise

Melanie Hager

by , Public Relations Manager, Disney Cruise Line

Ahoy, Mateys! Talk Like A Pirate Day has me thinking back to Pirate Night on my last Disney cruise. I love seeing all of the families join the fun dressed in their best pirate attire. Those of you who have been on a Disney cruise know that Pirate Night is a party looked forward to by young and old. Even those of you who haven’t sailed with us yet have likely heard legendary tales of this swashbuckling celebration. 

As you brush up on your pirate speak today, take a look at some of my tips on ways to prep for Pirate Night on a Disney cruise, besides learning to talk like a pirate…

Pirate Night Disney Cruise

1) Become inspired. Before your cruise, catch up on Disney flicks like “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Peter Pan.” Whether you choose to look like Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook or your own interpretation of a scallywag, go all in by coming up with a costume that will “wow” the other buccaneers on board.

2) Talk to veteran pirates. Chances are, you know someone who has partied like a pirate on a Disney cruise. Find out their tales of sea-sailing adventures to discover what activities your family will enjoy most. Ask what grub they loved when the dining rooms experience a pirate takeover, serving only delicious, pirate-themed and Caribbean-inspired dishes. 

3) Get a makeover. At The Pirates League, choose from beards, bandanas, swords, scars, earrings and eye patches to accessorize your costume. Kids can get a full pirate makeover, like the First Mate package with bandana, scars, fake teeth, eye patch and sword, or the Empress with a Disney Cruise Line exclusive dress, shimmering makeup, face gem, nail polish, earring, eye patch and sword.

4) Map out your plan of attack. With so many fun activities happening, open up your Navigator app to schedule out how you’ll tackle the night. The can’t-miss events are “Mickey’s Pirates IN the Caribbean,” a family-friendly interactive show featuring the famous Disney characters, “Hunt Fer Jack,” a thrilling live-action pirate showdown, and “Buccaneer Blast,” a spectacular display of piratical pyrotechnics. You also won’t want to miss your chance to take photos with Mickey and the gang in their finest pirate attire!

5) Recite a sacred pirate oath. Before your scoundrels are turned loose on your pirate vessel, commit to each other that nothing will spoil the evening of fun for your pirate clan. Make ‘yo ho!’ the joyful motto of your night and you’re sure to make memories that will last a lifetime! 

Click here to learn more about Pirate Night, and then start prepping for a swashbuckling night on the high seas with Disney Cruise Line!