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Ultimate Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Quiz

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort just a few days ago, and guests are loving it.

Have you been following our coverage of the new land? Put your knowledge to the test in our Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge quiz below!


  • Never been to either. But 8/9 ain’t bad!

  • At Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, which job is NOT a role guests take on to STEER the ship? Only the pilots steer the ship. I”m i reading the question wrong? The engineer fixes the ship and fires the harpoon. the gunners fire lasers, and missiles. Dejaik Battler is a game. I have over 80 flights on the Falcon. If Disney remover the word STEER. Then this question would be more clear.

  • Build a lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop? The only thing I got there was “scrap metal.” ‘Cause, you know, the First Order is watching… 😉

  • 9/9 I can’t wait to go back to Batuu! Went for AP preview and fell in love!! They did an amazing job!! I built my droid and now hoping a lightsaber when I go back on the 19th. I was able to get a reservation for Oga’s, so I’m really looking forward to that! For now, I will enjoy Food & Wine festival.

  • 9/9 I know Battu well, though I have only been twice. I keep up on everything. But I can not wait to get to black spire outpost and take the rest of my family to experience the land for themselves.

  • I haven’t been yet. Made some educated guesses but didn’t cheat. 9/9. My day is now complete.

    • Sweet! The Force is strong with you.

  • 6 out of 9 – BUT I have not been there yet, I’ve read up on the Blog and know my Star Wars pretty well, except for the drinks – and not being there I didn’t know where to build a lightsaber, but give me time we don’t get to enjoy the NEW land until Spring 2020 when we go on our next family escapade at WDW!

    The FORCE is STRONG in my family 😉

    • I hope you all have a great time!

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