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A Convenient New Way for Memory Maker Guests to Preserve and Enjoy the Memories

Emily Southard

by , Marketing & Communications Coordinator

I recently returned from a wonderful vacation around Europe. In addition to bringing home more souvenirs than I needed, I also have almost 4,000 photos and videos that document my travels! I know that makes it sound like I overdid it on photo capture, but the places I visited (the fjords of Norway! Disneyland Paris!) were just that gorgeous. 

Ever since I had a computer that held all of my photos unexpectedly give out on me a few years ago, my first priority after a vacation is always making sure my photos are securely stored in a way that’s easy to go back and enjoy them when the daily grind gets me thinking about the bliss of my travels. 

If you’ve ever experienced a similar feeling with your Disney PhotoPass photos and videos captured at Walt Disney World Resort, Disney PhotoPass Service is introducing a convenient new solution!  

Guests with Memory Maker or a Walt Disney World Resort Annual Pass with a Disney PhotoPass download benefit can now purchase a Disney PhotoPass Archive USB product at Disneyworld.com/PhotoPass. With this new product, all of your Disney PhotoPass photos and videos viewable in your Disney account at the time of purchase are loaded onto a USB drive that’s easy to store and share. 

Disney PhotoPass Archive USB product in front of the Purple Wall at Magic Kingdom Park

So when you get home from vacation, you won’t have to worry about downloading your photos before they expire or trying to figure out where to store them. No copying and pasting or dragging and dropping! All you have to do is plug in your USB and relive the magic. Well, and unpack, but I can’t help you with that. There’s no easier way to preserve and enjoy your treasured Disney PhotoPass memories. 

The Disney PhotoPass Archive USB is available for $34.95, plus applicable taxes and shipping fees, only at Disneyworld.com/PhotoPass and only for guests with Memory Maker or a Walt Disney World Resort Annual Pass with a Disney PhotoPass download benefit.


  • Can these be shipped to the UK?

  • Is this available for guests of Hong Kong Disneyland?

  • I bought the Memory Maker for my trip in November 2020. How do I purchase this? And also can I order the photos from a photo company, like SnapFish etc from it?

  • We just got home yesterday, can we still order this for all our photo’s?
    PS: Thank you Disney for the best trip ever, everything was perfect.

    • Happy to hear you had a wonderful trip! And yes, you can! Just be sure to order it before your photos begin to expire.

  • Good job Disney!! This solves problems for a lot of people. No computer, no cd rom drive, slow internet, lack of computer skills, all problems solved! Yay! It’s super cute too!

    • I completely agree! Such an easy way to get all of your Disney PhotoPass vacation memories stored in one place!

  • I not clear on how/where/when to pick it up. Is it mailed to you?

    • Hi David, once you order it from Disneyworld.com/PhotoPass, it’ll be shipped to you.