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Celebrate Halloween by the Numbers with Disney Youth Education Series

Jessica Gunderson

by , Marketing Strategy Manager

Halloween is here, and you’re in for a special treat! To celebrate, we have some spooktacular math facts to share with you! 

If you’ve ever visited Magic Kingdom Park during the fall, you’ve probably noticed the charming wreaths, friendly scarecrows, and giant pumpkins that festively decorate Main Street, U.S.A. So, grab your rulers and calculators, because we’re going to unveil the frightfully fun numbers behind some of our favorite fall decorations!

Halloween time at Magic Kingdom Park

The grinning pumpkin towers located at the front entrance are happy to greet you! Did you know that the left pumpkin is approximately 43 inches wide and 120 inches tall?

Front of the train station at Magic Kingdom Park

Before you take your class picture in front of the train station, make sure to count that there are 12 little pumpkins nestled in the Mickey Mouse floral bed!

Scarecrows at Magic Kingdom Park

As you enter Main Street, U.S.A. there are 8 friendly scarecrows located around the flagpole, ready for trick-or-treating! How fun!

Main Street, U.S.A. Halloween Decorations at Magic Kingdom Park

Don’t forget to look up! There are approximately 155 individual pumpkins adorning the buildings and windows of Main Street, U.S.A. Did you know that many of them are themed to their location? 

Mickey Mouse pumpkin wreath at Magic Kingdom Park

One of the most iconic decorations is the Mickey Mouse pumpkin wreath! The diameter of the wreath is approximately 26 inches. How would you calculate the circumference of the wreath?

(Answer: Multiply 26 by pi [3.14]. The answer is that the wreath is approximately 82 inches in circumference!)

Halloween time at Magic Kingdom Park

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Happy Halloween!