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Check Out The New Pandora Charms You Can Only Get on Disney Ships

Melanie Hager

by , Public Relations Manager, Disney Cruise Line

Yet again, Pandora and Disney Cruise Line have partnered to offer you another unique way to commemorate your Disney cruise vacation! Over the summer, Pandora released four new charms exclusively for Disney Cruise Line guests.

Pandora'a four new charms exclusively for Disney Cruise Line guests.

Each sterling silver dangle charm is adorned with an elegant, colored enamel logo representing one of the four Disney ships. This is the first time Pandora has released designs specifically to our individual ships. 

The charms are only available on the corresponding ship, which means you’ll need to sail across the fleet to collect all four. Happy cruising!


  • I also think if you have sailed on the Disney Cruise ships the charms should be available for purchase. The ship only carries a limited amount of charms

  • I have been on all four ships, so I really hope we can purchase them all.

  • I hope these will be made available to those who have cruised on any of Disney’s ships before!

  • This is sad. We’ve been on the Dream 3 times, and this Dec we will be on the Wonder and next year on the Fantasy, then hoping to complete with the Magic (hopefully, a European cruise) but how do we get the Dream charm? I get the answer “sail on it again” but with the other 3 ships plus the two new ones, we are ready to explore them more.

  • Please, please put these out for sale at least for those who have cruised on the ships.

  • I’ve been on all 4 ships & the Fantasy twice! Wish there was a way to get these now!

  • Any chance of ordering these? I’ve been on the Fantasy twice and would love to have the charm! Heading out on the Wonder for the first time next month, so I’ll definitely pick up a Wonder charm then.

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