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#DisneyParksLIVE: Watch the Replay of ‘Epcot Forever’

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

This #DisneyParksLIVE event has concluded. You can still catch all the fun by watching the replay video below!

We’re just a few hours from tonight’s live stream of the debut performance of “Epcot Forever,” the park’s new limited-time nighttime spectacular

To watch the live stream, simply refresh this blog post around 8:55 p.m. ET. 

During the live stream, we’d love to show off some of your best Epcot photos of the past as a way to celebrate the heritage and history that “Epcot Forever” will embody. Submit your pics now on Twitter with the hashtag #DisneyParksLIVE.


  • will there ever be a cd release or digital release of this music anytime soon? I like it and would love to have a crisp clear hi def copy of it to have to listen to for years to come to add to my Disney park music collection.

  • Not even close! Epcot Forever just makes me miss ROE more! Disappointing!

  • Jennifer Fickley Baker’s noticeably, fashionably, stylishly colored, sole, silver based, multi toned, #MinnieMouse ears were the immediate, surprise focal point during #Epcot #EocotForever’s emotionally, powerfully strong debut performance this past week whilst excitedly sharing quality screen time with fellow #Disney #DisneyParks #DisneyParksLive’ reporter, Mark Daniel.

    At the same time, a simple, single, impressively bright lit orange flame poignantly peaks over #DisneyWorld #WaltDisneyWorld’s #SevenSeasLagoon,: as if magically mirroring the exact, specific, detailed illustration of ‘#LadyLiberty #StatueOfLiberty #TheStatueOfLiberty in #NYC #NewYork #NewYorkCity, easily, healthily, naturally representing a welcomed sign of a diverse ‘melting pot’), in fulfilled anticipation for the brand new, celebratory, consistently modern, cutting edge, technologically advanced show to begin, ultimately hoping to successfully amaze and thrill spectators of all ages, including those whom are young at heart!

    Quietly, effectively reflecting off of the actively, seamlessly calm, mid weekday, brilliantly effortless, repetitively synchronized lights successfully shine, making sure to retell an informative, imaginative story like only the extraordinary family friendly, child brand can!

    Neon, electric themed kites rhythmically, freely dance in the clear, starry, night sky above as if immediately creating their own unique flying pattern, emphasizing the especially significant, simultaneous meaning of the moment, captured live on air!

    Joined alongside notoriously proud, artistically shown, grand sized fireworks, the fall season started off with a classic, fun, gigantic boom, accurately introducing another epic chapter yet to be creatively, passionately, independently explored and discovered!

  • I am so glad my husband and I took our 7 y/o granddaughter in November and saw illuminations before it ended. It was awesome! I love everything Disney. The night shows from each park were my favorite. However, I was pretty disappointed with Epcot Forever. Is this a temporary show, or will this be it for years to come?

  • Awesome stream last night

  • It was a very touching tribute to the Epcot that was, but it was also clearly an official goodbye to the Epcot that was. I can’t wait to see it live in December. Nothing will ever match the music from the original Epcot. I have no problem with changes to the park. The original EPCOT Center was an amazing experience that can never be duplicated.

  • How long will Epcot Forever be playing for at Epcot?

    Will it still be playing come Summer 2020?

  • Will you be streaming the last Illuminations tonight?

  • Are you streaming tonight’s final Illuminations???

  • Will you also be doing the last night if illuminations?

  • My husband Ray and I will be watching from New Jersey. We hope to see the Flower Festival in 2020. I also hope there will be a cd as the music is great and brings back fond memories.

  • Will there be a cd release?

  • Will the stream be archived at all for viewing by those who aren’t available at that specific time & date?

    • You will be able to view the replay, yes.

  • What about possibly streaming the last night of Illuminations as well….?

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