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Top Tips For Making Eco-Friendly Halloween Costumes

Angie Renner

by , Environmental Integration Director

It’s that Not-So-Scary time of year, and if you’re like some of us — the scariest part of Halloween is planning a costume. Well, fear not! Disney Environmentality is here to help.

No matter where cast members work, they are encouraged to express their creativity and innovation. With this in mind, we asked cast members at Walt Disney World Resort to share their tips on how to make easy and environmentally-conscious costumes, and their creations were so good, we had to share what they came up with!

Whether it’s reusing old costumes in a new and creative way or finding things around the house to accessorize your spooky style, our cast members truly embody “Environmentality” — to think and act with the environment in mind. And so can you.

Check out these awesome tips on how to make last-minute do-it-yourself Halloween costumes.

Look around the house to see what you have available — raid your closet for clothes, shoes and bags you can incorporate into your costume.

WALL-E and EVE costumes

“We already owned a WALL-E hoodie and EVE Mickey Ears, and used one of Andrew’s snow boots and a succulent I had in my living room. I think they would have been proud of our eco-friendly hacks and ingenuity!” — Amanda, Travel Sales Support intern

Repurpose items to give them a second life.

Ursula costume

“The costume was made from a corset, tights and wig I already owned. I liquid stitched and painted some old fabric to create the tentacles and wrap — stuffing them with plastic bags as a way of reusing them for my villainous Ursula costume.” — Madison, Wilderness Explorer

Think of creative ways to use recycled items — paper, newspaper, magazines, cardboard.

Popcorn costume

“I painted white paper from the recycle bin then crumpled them up to create the popcorn that are glued onto an old shirt I no longer wear. Luckily, I had a red striped skirt to match but you can always use red pants or skirt from a second-hand store. You can paint the skirt with white paint or use white tape to make the stripes. And pop!” — Thiffany, Operations Manager

Be creative! Put a new twist on old costumes.

"The Lizzie McGuire Movie" costumes

“Hey now! Hey now! We repurposed the tulle and accessories from old Rapunzel- and Tinkerbell-inspired costumes to create our ‘The Lizzie McGuire Movie’ costumes.” – Maria, Environmental Coordinator

Remember, paint and craft items can go a long way – this was such a good tip, we had to show off two great examples!

Mary Poppins costume

“I had the outfit and added ribbon from my sewing nook for a belt and bowtie. The flowers for the hat were repurposed from some floral wreath-making supplies, and I used clay to create the parrot head on top of an old umbrella. Lastly, the “practically-perfect” carpet bag was a fabulous find at a resale shop!” – Lindsay, Magic Kingdom Communications Manager 

Group wearing costumes representing Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, Epcot Festival of the Holidays, Epcot International Food & Wine Festival and Epcot International Festival of the Arts

“Most of what we wore we already owned, and I used a broom, put a pool noodle over it with duct tape to create the large paintbrush for my artsy costume. I borrowed a headband and glued old paintbrushes to it to complete the look.” — Joey, Communications Specialist

Don’t forget about Disney bounding – color coordinate your clothing based on your favorite characters.

Family wearing Daisy, Donald and Pluto costumes take a Disney PhotoPass MagicShot with the Hitchhiking Ghosts

“My family was inspired by Donald, Daisy and Pluto for our Halloween costumes. Most of what we wore we already owned, and my skirt was made out of an old blanket that I cut and fabric glued into a skirt.” — Becky, Food & Beverage Hostess

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Check out a second-hand shop or thrift store to find costume elements.

Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Darkwing Duck and Ludwig Von Drake group costume

“Environmentality and being green are incredibly important to me and my friends. That’s why most of the elements from our costumes came from a second-hand store or a good ole’ fashion clothing swap.” — Libby, Disney Internships & Programs Specialist

Think outside the box on how to create unique accessories and decorations from everyday items.

Rey costume

“The force was with us making my niece’s last-minute ‘Rey’ costume. She had the clothes and boots. We just added an old household drape we no longer use for her wrap and the lightsaber from the family toy box!” — Siva, Technology Manager

Complete your transformation with make-up and face paint.

Sadness from "Inside Out" costume

“I used old blue eyeshadow from the bottom of my makeup drawer to create my Sadness look. This was a good alternative to buying new face paint and was easier to wash off at the end of my emotional evening.” — Sloane, Public Affairs Intern

And remember, think about favorite costumes your friends and family have worn that made you envious and arrange a costume swap. You can also borrow clothes and items from others to help create the perfect “green” costume and everyone wins, including the environment!