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Delivering More Than Just Your Winter Magazine

Ryan March

by , Editor, Disney Vacation Club’s Disney Files Magazine

A lovely Member recently told me that receiving Disney Files Magazine in the mail each season feels a bit like Christmas. Made me feel like a scrawny Santa.

Those kind words arrived as the Disney Files newsroom elves were busy stuffing a special gift into the winter magazine package now hitting Member mailboxes: Disney Vacation Club Member stickers. Our elves included two stickers with each magazine, giving Members the option of keeping one and giving one to a friend, or keeping both for themselves (we’re not here to judge). Whether these end up on a window or bumper, water bottle or laptop, fridge or face (kidding: they won’t well stick to faces), we hope you enjoy these sticky statements of Member pride. 

Speaking of Member pride, the winter magazine mailing also included the 2020 guide to Membership Magic, highlighting Member events, experiences, discounts and news, along with some handy insider tips.

And, of course, the winter Disney Files Magazine mailing also includes…the winter issue of Disney Files Magazine, a special edition taking an inside look at the creation of Disney’s Riviera Resort and looking ahead to new developments that’ll help shape your future vacations.

From all of us in the Disney Files newsroom, happy holidays. We’ll see you – and those window clings – around the neighborhood.


  • I too did not receive the magazine with the stickers or magnets.

  • I did not receive my magazine or stickers or magnets. Would you please send me one I sure would appreciate it.
    Karen & Michael

  • We have been DVC members since 2015, home resort of the Grand Floridian. We didn’t receive our Disney Magazine or the stickers. Please send us a copy.
    Sharon & Jerry

  • We also did not receive the the winter magazine or the 2 stickers. Please send them to our family as well – it would be very to look at all the exciting things for Disney during this very sad time in history. Thank you!

  • We are Beach Club owners, never received the magazine, any chance of getting a copy. I know my grandkids will love the stickers.

  • We are owners at both Grand Californian & Boulder Ridge. We did not receive this edition of Disney Files. Any spares to send out?

  • Hello, I do not recall receiving the magazine or the sticker. Is there a chance you could send one out? Thank you

  • I never received the magazines , the sticker
    I would love to have received them.
    I see a lot mgs. They do not receive the magazine and the sticker too..Please send me again..

  • We have been members since 2005 we would really like to have these stickers to put on our cars. Thanks Maggie & John

  • Amongst the masses that didn’t receive winter magazine nor the 2 stickers. I hope once Disney operations resume, that these will be mailed to my family. Thank you!

  • We have been members since 2000 and I would love to have the stickers to display on our cars. Please send them. My family would be very excited to receive them. Thanks

  • Also,I never received the magazines, the stickers or magnets! I would love to have received them!
    Will they be sent out to us that have posted these comments? Is it because we logged in you know who we are?
    Russ & Rita

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