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Delivering More Than Just Your Winter Magazine

Ryan March

by , Editor, Disney Vacation Club’s Disney Files Magazine

A lovely Member recently told me that receiving Disney Files Magazine in the mail each season feels a bit like Christmas. Made me feel like a scrawny Santa.

Those kind words arrived as the Disney Files newsroom elves were busy stuffing a special gift into the winter magazine package now hitting Member mailboxes: Disney Vacation Club Member stickers. Our elves included two stickers with each magazine, giving Members the option of keeping one and giving one to a friend, or keeping both for themselves (we’re not here to judge). Whether these end up on a window or bumper, water bottle or laptop, fridge or face (kidding: they won’t well stick to faces), we hope you enjoy these sticky statements of Member pride. 

Speaking of Member pride, the winter magazine mailing also included the 2020 guide to Membership Magic, highlighting Member events, experiences, discounts and news, along with some handy insider tips.

And, of course, the winter Disney Files Magazine mailing also includes…the winter issue of Disney Files Magazine, a special edition taking an inside look at the creation of Disney’s Riviera Resort and looking ahead to new developments that’ll help shape your future vacations.

From all of us in the Disney Files newsroom, happy holidays. We’ll see you – and those window clings – around the neighborhood.


  • We did not recieve any either. Haven’t ever recieved a magazine or any stickers. I would love to show some DVC pride.

  • We did not get ours either. Sad.

  • So sad, we did not get these.

  • We bought in during our spring trip to WDW – no magazine or stickers for us 😔

  • We have been members since 2010 and we never received magnets or stickers. So sad we LOVE Disney!! Next family visit home will be in April.

  • We have been members since 1997 (BW). We receive emails and Disney Files but never received the Winter 2019 issue with the stickers (SO SAD) ! We love the “Freebies” that come with being an annual passholder and our Moonlight Magic events. Feel a little sad that Disney charges for many of their extra activities but always love the exit sign that says “See Ya Real Soon” ! Looking forward to the new points chart for 2021 and hope that availability will no longer be such an issue.

  • We are also in the got the magazine but no stickers group. Members since 08. Did not even realize there were stickers until reading this post today. Would love to get them.

  • Wow, not sure what is going on but I did not get it either – Been a member for @ 20 years. I love my disney!! Would love to get my stickers so that I can show my pride! Thank you

  • I never received the magazine or stickers. I didn’t get the last magnet either.

  • Members since 2015 at The Polynesian. No stickers here, either. How can we request ours?

  • We have been members since 2011. We did not get the magazine and stickers. How can we get them?

  • Things were so busy at Christmastime that it’s been sitting on our piano bench waiting to be opened. As things calmed down and spring vacation nears, finally got to open it today. Happy to say that we received our stickers! ♥ -Thank you!!!

  • Bought Riviera in September..No Magazine. Is there a separate place to sign up for it?

  • We have been members since 1996. We did get the magazine but not the stickers. How can we get them?

  • My husband and I have been members for 3 years and have not received this! We would love to know how to get them!

  • Hi, we are newer members,( last year), and have not received a DVC Magazine, or Stickers either?
    We would love to be put on the mailing list, please! Do we need to do anything, contact our Agent?

  • We have been members since April 2019. I have never received anything. I would love to recieve the magazine. Any thoughts on how we can get our hands on this?

  • Member since 1997, would LOVE to have my stickers!

  • I do get Disney Files magazine but haven’t got the DVC stickers. Hope you could send it to us.

  • We love our DVC membership and magazine but like many other we never received those stickers. hope they come soon.

  • Never received magazine or sticker.

  • I had to request the DVC Flies magazine to be sent. I did not get any stickers. Can they be sent to me?

  • Did not receive the Membership stickers either. Went through the whole package..

  • Been a DVC member since 2011. I love receiving my magazine in Australia. I have not received my December one nor the sticker

  • Been a DVC member since 2005. Never received the December magazine, nor the stickers.

  • Would love our stickers as well.

  • Never received a Dec. magazine nor stickers. Been a member for 13 years.

  • I have been a member since 2017. I reinvested in 2019. The magazines are a welcome energy that my teenagers LOVE having – they’ve kept every issue. The stickers were this really great piece of magic and reminder as to why we LOVE our Disney home so much. Thank you.
    Ordering the membership ID cards off the members site was really easy 🙂

  • We never received ours either. 🙁

  • We are new to DVC, joined in May. We haven’t received anything either. Would love to get one of these.

  • We have been members since 2004 and have regularly received our Disney Files member magazines and love them! We received our Fall 2019 and the Winter 2019 magazine which included the 2020 planning guide but there were no stickers includes. Now I am disappointed because I would love to have one of these stickers.

  • Well, I’m glad that I logged in and found out about the magazine and stickers. I haven’t received neither one of them, so I’ll be really grateful if an agent of cast member can drop a line and let us know if there is an issue or provide a number/name of who we need to contact to get them. Not really happy knowing that we all pay our dues but are not getting the same treatment/perks. Not cool.

  • Members since 1998. I got the magazine and stickers. I have a van with over 308,000 miles on it and have never put a sticker on any vehicle I’ve owned. But made an exception this time and proudly put one on the rear/side windows on both sides! I take good care of my 2005 van so I know it will only improve its value. 🙂 We came to DW twice last year and are headed back in May. Can’t wait! 115 days and we’ll be coming home.

  • We have been DVC members since 1999. We love our Disney Files magazine. As of today we have not gotten our December copy or our DVC magnets

  • We haven’t received the magazine either. Should we contact our Guide?

  • Glad to see we aren’t the only ones who haven’t received the magazine at all!!! I assume it’s just a phased send out, hoping it will be delivered soon.

  • We never received ours – it makes me sad

  • Hi, member since 97 and 2009, no stickers received. 😢

  • I am a DVC member at the Riviera. I have not received my Disney Files magazine or any correspondence.

  • Hi I’ve been a member since 2008 ( or around that year!) no sticker here either!

  • What if you never received your magazine (or stickers)?
    We bought our DVC in September, shouldn’t we have received the December issue???

  • I LOVE the stickers! Thank you so much! They really brightened my day when I received them.

  • The sticker is so cute and much appreciated. I hope we can get one that sticks from the inside of the window next time. I’m afraid of having this stolen from my car.

  • A member at BC and the POLY. this is the little things that use to happen in the past and it’s greatly appreciated by me. What WALT called PLUSING the experience and should to followed by the rest of Disney.

  • @Lee-Ann In order to receive your plastic cards, you have to request them through the DVC website. You can download a temporary electronic card as well. We received our DVC magnets with our closing documents.

  • Haven’t received anything. Purchased d directly through Disney. I don’t even receive emails I have to check the site constantly to make sure I’m not missing anything!

  • No magazine here either but presumed it was just because of us recently only closing. However looking forward the next edition arriving at home.

  • Been a DVC member since July 2019. Our family hasn’t received the magazine or stickers either. Our first stay will be in several months. Who do we contact regarding information.

  • We haven’t received a magazine or stickers or anything. Just wondering why and how to contact

  • I wish I received these. We bought direct in February and have never received these magazines or any magnets, and the worst part, we never received our membership id cards either. Feeling a little overlooked over here and our first welcome home is in 30 days!

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