New Monthly Collectible Series- Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction, Coming to Disney Parks, Disney Store and Online at

Anthony Armenia

by , Communications Manager, Disney Parks, Experiences & Products

Kicking the New Year off in true Disney fashion, we are celebrating fashion icon, Minnie Mouse with a new monthly collectible series coming to Disney Parks around the world, Disney store and online at!

Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction is an all-new, limited-release series featuring none other than Minnie Mouse herself honoring beloved Disney parks attractions around the world. A new collection from the series will be released on the third Saturday of each month throughout 2020.

Each collection will feature an attraction-themed assortment with items such as a Minnie Mouse ear headband, plush, pin, mug, mini backpack or hip pack by Loungefly, and even a Walt Disney World Resort MagicBand.

Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction Collectable Series

As seen above, first up is the Space Mountain collection celebrating the 45th anniversary of this iconic attraction at Walt Disney World Resort. It releases later this month on Jan. 18 at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort as well as in the Disney store nationwide or online at

The celebration doesn’t stop there; check out a sneak peek at the rest of the year’s collections below. Which one are you most excited for?! 

Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction Collectable Series

Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog as we reveal the latest addition to Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction on the third Saturday of each month throughout the year and be sure to collect all 12 signature styles! 


  • Hello! I am writing in regards to the shopDisney issues for the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction release issues (and May the 4th). I tried to order on May the 4th only to be met with a surprise waiting room que and site issues all day long. Tried to order a mug for my husband as he is a long time Star Wars fan only to be beaten out by reseller bots that have infiltrated your site. These bots pose security threats and don’t allow true Disney fans to purchase things we like from you guys at a reasonable cost. These bots are even able to see inventory information and early links to merchandise before it’s even released and readily brag about it on social media. Now I have been so excited for the June release of the Minnie Mouse Main Attraction ears but am worried I will be met with the same issues as everyone who has tried to purchase this collection have. I know the virtual waiting room was implemented for the Tiki Room collection and but it doesn’t seem to work and it only lets the bots get to items while real people wait their turn (just like May the 4th release). It is also bothersome that this waiting room and how it works is not explained..Build a Bear implemented one for the child release and sent a detailed email on how it works. Please, really consider fixing these issue for all of your fans! Make more stock to fulfill everyone’s wants or even make a preorder for a limited time so the items are still “limited” but everyone who wants one can order to make it fair and then when the preorders are over, that’s it! You guys have done it before with the child merch and the face masks, so please consider it for future releases. This will make those resellers with 100s of pages of Disney merch eat the cost and allow real fans to buy what they want. Again really hoping I can get the Peter Pan June ears though so I can have a pair of ears to wear to the parks when things go back to normal. Thank you for listening and I hope you all have a great day!

  • Very disappointed. I purchased the collector box to fill it with these pins to give as a gift for Christmas for a special child. Seeing how I have to BATTLE to even keep anything in my cart as Im checking out only to have it sold out by the time I pay for it is ridiculous! Only set I was able to get is the February set. 🙁 Very sad and wish you would just re-release the pins again and LIMIT how many a person can get.

  • Yet another shopdisney fiasco!!!! Logged in and finally got my turn after the “surprise” virtual waiting room (should have been emailed about that!) and got my bag in the cart. Hit checkout right away and was told they were not in stock! Unreal! Saw people had them posted for 4x’s the price already! Just produce more for goodness sake. This mass hysteria creation is in poor Disney taste!

  • Come on Shop Disney, this is ridiculous. Please, please lower the limit on how many items can be purchased. The price gougers ALREADY have items up for pre order on eBay for quadruple the price. Your system is broken.

  • I would like to know where I can get the first month Minnie dolls? Where to buy them

  • Disney please fix your website before the next releases. I have been waiting for the June collection for months and am so excited for them to release, but am anxious to even try to purchase them due to all of the issues the site presents when these items come out. The virtual waiting room for Star Wars I do not think was the way to go with managing the bots. I suggest making the site more secure and locking the carts so items cannot be purchased out from under someone. This is pretty standard for other companies so I hope you do decide to adopt this. Hoping I can just get the ears for myself to wear to the parks one day when things go back to normal!

  • I have to say I am extremely disappointed in how this is being handled. Both March and now April I had the pin set in my bag, ready to check out and it was sold out of my bag! Now I have two sets and not the other two! Unless I am willing to pay the price-gouging people on eBay or one of the other secondary sites, I will not get these sets. How did they manage to get 20+ sets of pins to sell? Will stores get sets when they reopen so we (regular people) might have a chance to finish our collections at the price point they are meant to be sold or should we stop collecting now? It is really disappointing as I have been a Disney collector for well over 20 years and have been passing items down to my daughter. Thank you for any guidance in this.

  • Extremely disappointed and frustrated with the way Disney is distributing the mini mouse main attraction collection. I am signed in and on the website to shop before the collection is released and there’s so many problems with the website that I couldn’t check out before I lost the items from the collection that were in my cart. This is happening month after month. And, I have one extremely disappointed eight-year-old little girl!! You need to either have your website ready for people to purchase the items or make more items available to the true Disney fans and not the ones that are able to purchase these items and then more than triple the price on eBay to where we can’t afford to buy the items.

  • I was very upset the way the March and April Minnie Mouse Main Attraction on line purchases have been handled. I went on the site at ten o’clock eastern time and had pins in my cart. I tried to check out only to get the message that the item was sold out. This is not the proper way of handling this situation. I also tried calling by phone, listened to all the information stating that staff was busy helping other customers and the wait time would be greater than ten minutes and try calling back at a later time. The call then disconnects. I have purchased the first two sets in store, but due to the current Coronavirus situation, I understand that this is not possible at this time. I saw that once stores open again these items will be available, but there is no guarantee that I will get them then either. I really would like to complete my set since I also have purchased the collector box, but find this a nearly impossible task to complete right now. I feel that a larger quantity of this item should be made available on line so that more customers would have the opportunity to complete their collections. It is upsetting that the stock is unavailable just minutes after the time it comes out.
    I am also upset about getting the deliveries from the Disney Stores due to missing items and broken items. I purchased the castle collection display box. The first one was returned by UPS due to damage. I called and a new one was sent out, it arrived here with the glass shattered. It was poorly packaged with no wrapping protection around the product. I again called and was told a new one was to be sent out. I am waiting for that delivery now and hope that this one will arrive intact. Thank you for your attention to my concerns.

  • The way this promotion is being handled is very disappointing. If you are not online, signed in and ready to go before the first minute of release you are completely out of luck. Even then as you go to pay, your purchase can be bought out from underneath you while you are trying to pay for your merchandise. Disney needs to fix this. Either make more product so everyone has a chance to get what they want or make sure a persons cart is secure once they select an item and put it in their cart. It’s very disappointing!

  • Will the Disney store still receive the limited edition items for the months they are closed? Or was the only way to get March online?

  • Is March’s release going to be postponed ? 🙏🙏 everything always sells out too fast online and since stores and parks are closed ???

  • I know there are more things at stake but we also want to keep our hopes and continue our love for Disney.. is the March release still happening? If so those who normally buy at the park will they still be able to get the passholder or dvc discounts??? Thanks and hoping and praying we are all back to normal soon!

  • Since the parks and World of Disney are now closed, are these still going to be available online?

  • May is the Tiki Room! I am very excited The Tiki Room is one of my favorites and Pierre is my favorite Parrots!!!

  • Does anyone know what may is I’m thinking Aladdin or jungle book

  • How many plush Minnies is the Disney store carrying

  • Can you get them at any disney store or only certain ones? If not any please list ones that will have this collection and also will this collection be available at world of disney in down town disney in Anaheim California thx

  • Please do a monthly delivery for this!!! I want them all 😍

  • Agree should have a monthly delivery for this!!

  • Where at Walt Disney Resort will these be available?

  • Will they only available for the month they come out or can you get them anytime after they are released?

  • Will they only be available for that month only? Because by coming out in the middle of the month that doesn’t leave much time.

  • June-Peter Pan?

  • Will these only be available for one month at a time?

  • Okay but Tiki and Jungle though!! I can’t wait for those collections!! °o°

  • June looks like Peter Pan ❤

  • Can someone tell me what ride June is supposed to be? I figured out the rest.

  • I am so excited about this collection. I’m so pleased with your collaboration with Loungefly. I really like their mini-backpacks….and the Minnie-mini-backpacks are super-cute!

  • Trying to sign up for this but it wont let me?

  • WOW! I can’t wait to get these! Do we know a price point yet?

  • Can we sign up for monthly delivery like other Mickey monthly home delivery.

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