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An NBA Experience Story: Jack & Vaughn

Caleb Fils-Aime

by , Writer, Disney's Yellow Shoes

The team behind NBA Experience at Disney Springs looked across the country to find individuals whose lives have been touched by the game of basketball. Of the many inspiring accounts we discovered, three particular stories stood out that moved us to invite them and their families to live out their basketball dreams at NBA Experience.

We’ve highlighted these heartwarming stories, the first of which you can check out below. It’s about two unique brothers who have bonded over the game.

It was hard not to become overjoyed and filled with delight after meeting Jack and Vaughn. Basketball is the glue that brought their family together. From game watching becoming a household event to Vaughn even coaching his younger brother, Jack, who has Down syndrome, it was clear to see that their passion for basketball isn’t just leisure, it’s a lifestyle.

That passion was as evident as ever when Jack and Vaughn stepped into NBA Experience. Pure joy lit up their faces as they excitedly made their way through 13 unique basketball activities that allow guests to feel like the pros do. If you’ve ever seen a kid in a candy store, you’ll understand the elation that Jack and Vaughn expressed. We had a hard time pulling them away from the Shoot activity—definitely one of their favorites.

NBA Experience merges the thrills of the NBA with a touch of Disney magic. For Jack and Vaughn, it was also the catalyst to strengthen a family bond through the game of basketball.


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