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Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World Resort to Receive Royal Makeover

Jason Kirk

by , Vice President, Magic Kingdom Park

It’s an exciting day here at The Most Magical Place on Earth — Walt Disney World! For those who I haven’t met yet, my name is Jason—and I have the incredible honor of leading the team at Magic Kingdom Park, a place I hold very near and dear to my heart.

One of my favorite parts about my job is leading such passionate cast members…and just this morning, we had the opportunity to exclusively share with them the news that our park’s iconic, awe-inspiring centerpiece—Cinderella Castle—is about to get even more magical.

Cast members pose with Cinderella Castle makeover concept image

Cinderella first transformed into a princess 70 years ago this week when the animated classic was released—and ever since, her courage and kindness have been inspiring guests and cast members alike. We are excited to share that her story has inspired a bold, shimmering and royal makeover of her namesake castle at the heart of Walt Disney World Resort.

Take a look at this concept image of what the newly-enhanced Cinderella Castle will look like when work is completed:

Cinderella Castle makeover concept image

You may notice this exciting work taking place as these stunning enhancements begin in the coming weeks, continuing through summer. But don’t worry! We’ll still get to catch all of our castle favorites like “Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire” and “Happily Ever After.”

I can’t wait to bring you along on the journey for this royal makeover of our park’s iconic centerpiece. When you visit, be sure to share your excitement with our cast members—they can’t wait to see the shimmering towers shining down on the kingdom each and every morning!


  • I liked the old classic castle. It didn’t need a change. I think many people will be disappointed with this 🙁

  • It’s beautiful! We can’t wait to see it.

  • I have now words to describe how the magic of The Walt Disney World castle has disappeared😔

  • It’s truly tragic,the magic of magic kingdom is officially decreasing

  • I am truly disappointed of how the castle turned out.If a kid went to Disney for the first time and saw that castle,they wouldn’t think Cinderella,it just looks like a random castle that has nothing to do with Disney.In my opinion it truly takes the magic away.I hope one day it will go back to how it was.And if it’s CINDERELLA’S CASTLE then why does it look like that.A weird bright blue and a light pink color and gold where not what her castle is supposed to look like.Even if the other one isn’t that bright or bold,it still was a huge important memory of people’s lives.At least we got some framed pictures of the other castle.But I think Disney is starting to over think things,Disney is special because of it’s OWN features.They shouldn’t try to do what the other Disney parks are doing.The castle was always a huge part of my life,when I walked in the park and saw the orginal castle my heart fills with joy and happiness,it really helps me forget about all of my worries or struggles at home.Walt Disney World is a magical place🎆,I don’t think they should change that.So…..I hope Disney rethinks it.🤞And tons of people may think that this is exaggerating,but it’s not..Thousands of people want the old castle back,even IF it had some flaws.

  • rose pink… gross. Why does disney insist on gimmicky updates to it’s hub icon for anniversaries?

  • I personally don’t care for the pink, it looks like the wrong castle. But I’m glad that only part of it is pink and not the whole thing as I had thought when I first saw a distant photo of it.

  • I would love to have a jigsaw puzzle with this concept art to tide me over during Covid-19. Any way I can download this copyrighted artwork to have it custom made? Or would Disney consider adding this to Shop Disney?

  • Is the work continuing on repainting the castle during the parks closure? it would be an ideal opportunity to get all maintenance work done during the parks closure.

  • Look up Main Street Edwin when you get there. I bet he can figure out a way to get your castle pictures made without any construction equipment in it. He is the best. BTW, the concept art for the castle looks amazing. Fitting for the “happiest place on earth” : )

  • NO PINK! That completely takes the nostalgia away for so many Disney adults. While the gold and blue accents are sure to make it pop, that pink is huge disappointment. Should have had Disney goers vote!

  • We were there last year and my kids loved the Royal friendship faire (we basically catch the show about 6 times throughout our trip) I know all the reports say the show will still go on but everytime I’ve checked the calendar for April show times on the app, it always says times are not available. I’m hoping that I’m still checking too early but I worry the production might not be on for the period we’re there due to the construction….

  • I am extremely disappointed to hear this. We were in Disneyland last April for our once in a life time trip to the park Walt built and to have the castle entirely covered with a faux fasade was a complete disappointment. We just booked a trip to Magic Kingdom for this spring so we could compare the parks and now to find out two years in a row with no iconic castle pic is such a disappointment. Hopefully it won’t be as covered as Disneyland.

  • Wow! I have always loved the castle and thought t was beautiful, but upon comparison of current castle with the projected artwork, I think this will make the castle even more amazing. Can’t wait to see it!

  • About how long will the castle be under construction? I planned my Disney wedding there for August!!

  • Rest assured Disney will not let the magic disappear during construction. Portions of the castle may be covered up, but you will not see any trucks or cranes. While disappointing to find that your favorite part of going to Disney World will not be as you’ve always remembered, (this happened to me last year when I visited Disneyland in California ~ Sleeping Beauty Castle was being worked on and was completely covered in a castle rendering cloth), it is still a wonderful adventure. And just think about how beautiful it will be on your next visit!

  • You’ll still have an amazing holiday Tracey. The castle is certainly not the ‘main’ attraction.

  • I understand that this kind of enhancements are necesary but it’s unfair to announce them with so short notice. I am Going to Disney World in april with the family and for what I remember of my visit as a child (more than 30 years ago) viewing the castle si really a precious moment. It would be a very bad feeling/experience if this lessens the magic. We planned this trip as a birthday gift for the kids and bought tickets many months ago, it’s imposible to change the dates now.

  • We are devastated with this news. We booked our once in a lifetime trip to Disney World back in September and at this point there was no indication that the main attraction will be under construction. We are due to arrive from London in a couple of weeks. Whilst I recognise that work is required but for such a huge attraction more notice should be given so holidaymakers can make a decision as to whether to travel during this time or not. For me the sight of a truck or crane in front of the castle and the magic is gone with flick of the fairy godmother’s wand. Bibbidi-Bobbidi BOO! Indeed 😭

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