Disneyland Resort Wins 2019 SEAL Business Sustainability Award

Kyleigh Johnson

by , External Communications Manager, Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort landscapes play a vital role in our immersive storytelling and the Horticulture team continues to use resources that are safe, attractive, healthy and using our water resources wisely. In recognition of these efforts, Disneyland Resort has been selected as a winner of the 2019 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards for its environmental efforts and ongoing commitment to water conservation and the use of technology to drive efficiencies in water use. 

Our Horticulture team has diligently worked to reduce water usage by planting water-savvy plants, using advanced technology such as water saving devices, such as weather based irrigation controllers and proficient teamwork.

One of the many ways the Disneyland Resort’s Horticulture team has implemented various water saving is by planting water-savvy plants. When walking around Frontierland, guests are immersed in nature that is fitted to the theming of the land. Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante, a guest-favorite restaurant in the land, welcomes diners with the warmth of a hacienda in Mexico, featuring water-savvy plants such as the Echeveria and Russelia.

Strolling over to Tomorrowland, the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage queue landscape is created to feel as if you are in ocean habitat, complete with their own water-savvy plants such as the Crassula ovata and Phoenix reclinata. Throughout each land, the beautiful plants not only add to the park’s signature storytelling, but also have a low environmental impact.

Today, the resort consumes less water than it did a decade ago, even with the considerable growth of both parks. Disneyland Resort’s Horticulture team has continued to strive for excellence in environmental efforts for our parks to sustain the magic.