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You Won’t Want to Trade These Adventures by Disney Pins

Evily Giannopoulos Peros

by , Senior Manager, Public Relations, Disney Cruise Line

Part of the fun of travel is looking back at the journeys you’ve had. And what better way to reflect on your adventures than with a special keepsake? At Adventures by Disney, we know these souvenirs are an important part of the travel experience, which is why each guest receives a custom-designed pin every day of their vacation!

Adventures by Disney pins

If you count up all of the different Adventures by Disney trips, that’s precisely … well … a lot of pins – at least several dozen lanyards’ worth!

To show the lengths the Adventures by Disney team goes through to plan these collection-worthy keepsakes, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process with Caroline Sucharski, trip services operations manager, and Jeff Granito, designer.

Keep your eyes peeled, as you might even spot some of your favorite Disney characters and locations represented! 

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  • Wow, this Caroline looks like the coolest person ever and has the most awesome job in the world!

  • Thank you for writing about “the forbidden subject : AbD pins”. It is no e to see the AbD has come out with new designs after 14 years but it’s a shame there is so little info about them. I found myself drooling over these 4 new trip sets in your article. Any chance you can do more (many ?) about the new trips and their pins ? I’m whispering this next part [ I’m a AbD ‘trip set’ Pin collector with many of the older sets] I had to choose many years ago to either take a few of the AbD trips OR collect their pins. What started me off was a lady taking a Disney cruise and attending a AbD presentation one afternoon. There was a draw at the end of the presentation. 16 trip sets from that year’s itinerary. She won. She didn’t collect pins and sold them for another future Disney cruise. That’s how I got “hooked”. I’ve been ‘obtaining’ trip sets ever since.
    Is there anyone in your organization that would be allowed to text about AbD pins ? I’d love to text with them. I have sooooo many questions.

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