#BetterTogether: Draw Mickey Mouse at Home with a Disney Parks Artist

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

If you’re looking for a fun, creative way to add some Disney magic to your day, we’re sharing something special – a complete series of how-to tutorials on drawing Mickey Mouse through the years.  

Disney cast member Stephen Ketchum has been drawing Mickey at Disney Parks for years and has expert tips for artists of all skill levels. While the parks remain temporarily closed, we’ve combined Stephen’s best Mickey tutorials and the collection includes learning to draw a vintage 1920’s Mickey as well as lessons on creating more contemporary and whimsical “pied-eyed” versions you’ll want to show your friends and family. 

First, we’re beginning with easy to follow instructions on how to draw Mickey as artists would have created him in the late 1920s.  You begin with a simple circle and then use lightly drawn curved lines to create Mickey.  

Drawing a more contemporary looking Mickey has just a few different shapes added. 

And finally, creating a perfect “pied-eyed” Mickey begins with an oval shape instead of a standard circle followed again by lightly drawn curved lines to finish your own work of art. 

Grab some paper and try all three Mickeys now!  Use #Disney and #BetterTogether on Instagram and tag us at @DisneyParksBlog with your artwork, and for a chance to be featured.

And be sure to keep checking the Disney Parks Blog for more stories like this.  In the meantime, we’re sharing some of our other most popular character tutorials for you to try today:


  • Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this material and help us is this moment. I love Mickey forever.

  • Came across this through another link was checking out, so by total accident! May I say:
    Seriously with all the world in pretty much shutdown, what better way to to add some ‘me only time’ ,escape the world and spend some time with these little mini tutorials !!??? My goodness so glad to have come across this and honestly….who in this entire world doesn’t know Mickey and gang?? THX ! Misty….from Calgary Alberta

  • Thank you for this post with perfect timing since I have decided to learn to draw by watching animation academy videos on YouTube during this time when work has gotten slower than slow since it was fun to draw Donald Duck when we were on holidays at the beginning of February. Maybe some of the artists can record some new lessons.

  • Thank you for sharing. This brings so much joy during an uncertain time. Disney Magic is always appreciated!

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