Enjoy a One-of-a-Kind Learning Experience from Disney Imagineers

Josh Gorin

by , Creative Development Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering

Hi, I’m Josh Gorin, a creative development executive with Walt Disney Imagineering, and one of the hosts and contributors to Imagineering in a Box –  a free online program created in partnership with the Khan Academy and Pixar.

Imagineering in a Box is a series of interactive lessons in theme park design and engineering, designed to give a behind-the-scenes peek into Imagineering’s development process. It combines 32 videos of actual Imagineers, real-world case studies, and lots of interactive activities to give you the opportunity to dream and design your very own theme park experience!

With so many families at home together right now, we thought this would be an especially useful time to share this program with you. It’s available to all and completely free.

When I was growing up, I would visit the Disney Parks with my family and ask, “how did they do that!?” I watched Disney’s behind-the-scenes TV specials and realized that Imagineering was an actual “job” — it inspired what I studied in school and ultimately led to my current role.

Today, we are so excited to share with learners of all ages the unique ways that science, technology, engineering, and math can be combined with creativity and design to create larger-than-life entertainment for millions all around the world.

And maybe, we’ll be helping the Imagineers of tomorrow to get their first start.

How are you using this program? Use #Disney, #BetterTogether and #ImagineeringinaBox on Instagram and tag @WaltDisneyImagineering to let us know, and for your chance to be featured.


  • How do I get access?

  • I love these programs!! Disney is what inspired my now college sophomore to decide to go with an Engineering major. Still pursuing the dream of being an Imagineer!

  • Excited to start!

  • We love this! It is especially helpful with school out right now! Great way to keep the kids engaged in learning!

  • This is really cool. Growing up, my dream was to work at Disney, but life happened and steered me in a different direction. Now that I live in Orlando and have a season pass, I can take part in the world the Imagineers have created. What a dream the world they have created, and a dream is a wish from the heart.

  • My daughter who worked for Disney in the past just posted this. I am really excited and intrigued to view this! I can’t wait to get a break to settle in and view. Thanks for taking the time to create this content! I have shared the link with others. Very cool!

  • This is fantasitic Mr, Josh! I wonder if the class cames with the substitle for other languages; I believe there are much more people whom is from non-english speaking country would like to start learning!

  • Welcome to the blog Mr. Josh!

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